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Timing Belts

When it's time to get that timing belt done, RallySport Direct carries a great selection of timing belts and complete timing belt kits for you to do yourself or bring to a mechanic. When should you replace a timing belt? Most typical cars have a range of 60 to 90k miles, but this is something you don't want to risk because if the timing belt breaks on a non-interference motor, then you are creating a nightmare of engine damage that till create bent valves, damaged pistons, lots of curse words and thrown objects. All of this can be avoided with one stop at, where you can find a great selection of timing belts from great vendors such as Gates, HKS, Cosworth, Subaru OEM, and Tomei among other brands. Are you close to hitting 100K miles on that Subaru WRX? Get the Gates Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump. Rebuilding a motor in the Subaru STI? Get the Cosworth Heavy Duty Timing Belt. And don't forget for those of you who like to perform their own work, that RallySport Direct offers the Easy Does It Timing Belt Kit that includes everything needed for a proper timing belt job. Which includes the timing belt, thermostat, coolant, water pump, and supplied Company 23 tools to get the job done. And if you're only shopping for a timing belt, take a moment to get the appropriate tensioners and idlers. If you try and re-use old tensioners then you risk having them seize and risk burning up your belt in the process. And if you need the right tool, check out what we have in the tools section to help you complete the job. 

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