2011 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium 2.5


RallySport Direct supports your decision to make more horsepower and more boost on your next build. That's why we carry a great selection of connecting rods to supplement your build. Your turbocharged engine can be limited by many things. However, when you start doing full bolt-ons and doing things that really surpass the limits of your engine, then usually the rods are the first components that take the most stress. This is why in Subaru's you hear a lot of knock jokes, or in other platforms such as the Mitsubishi Evolution and even the almighty R35 Nissan GTR are not immune from rod damage once the limits of the engine are reached. What happens when you reach this point? You can either spin a bearing and damage the crank, or the rods will stretch right out of the crank and they will blow out of the block itself.  With that said Rallysport Direct carries a great selection of forged connecting rods designed to sustain the perils of big boost as well as big horsepower. Choose from great brands that include Cosworth, Brian Crower, Manley Performance, Tomei, and Eagle. Make sure when shopping for connecting rods, that you check out our great selection of pistons and sleeves, main bearings, and camshafts to help supplement the rest of your build. 

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