2008 Subaru Outback 2.5i 2.5
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Rod Bearings

If you are in the process of rebuilding your engine because you forgot to keep tabs on your oil levels, don't worry. Here at RallySport Direct we carry a great selection of rod bearings of various sizes from stock sized to oversized to tailor to your build. We carry great brands from the likes of ACL, Cosworth, as well as King Engine Bearings, and you cannot go wrong with either of those great brands. You can also choose bearings that have anti-friction coating for extra protection, and we carry bearings for various journal sizes as well. Do you have rod knock in your STI? Choose from many great bearing selections from Cosworth and ACL. Need to do a refresh on that Mitsubishi Evolution? Get some standard sized bearings from ACL. We carry several different sets for many sport compacts of many models. And while you're shopping for the right rod bearing, make sure you check out our great selection of main bearings, thrust bearings, and if you need help choosing the right rod, check out the selection of those components as well. 

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