1996 Subaru Legacy Brighton 2.2
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Head Gaskets

If you drive a Subaru, then you may know a thing or two about head gaskets. There are some models with prevalent issues, while other head gaskets can go out due to mileage, or overheating. What are symptoms of a blown head gasket? If you have excessive smoke coming out of the tailpipe this can be an indication. If your oil is milky then that means coolant has made its way into the oiling system. If your car has overheated then there is a possibility that you could have warped the head. And generally, there will be a loss of power. Other symptoms can be excessive pressure in the coolant system such as an overflowing expansion tank, or if you remove the radiator cap after the vehicle has cooled and you find excessive pressure. After all the smoke has cleared, we at RallySport Direct will be there with you when it's time to get your loved one back on the road. We carry a super selection of head gaskets ranging from different sizes to suit your build. Choose from multi-layered gaskets from Cometic, or choose an OEM head gasket from Subaru OEM. If you are building a big horsepower Nissan GTR, then Cosworth makes a great set of head gaskets for that application. Tomei also makes a great option for those of you rebuilding the heads.  And in the build process, if you find out that your heads are done for, Cosworth  does carry a set of heads for the Subaru WRX/STI, as well as a head for the Mitsubishi Evolution MR. Make sure you stock up on the bolts and hardware when doing such a job, and make sure you have the proper fluids topped off upon initial startup. 

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