2008 Subaru Legacy GT spec.B 2.5
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When you need better bump sticks in your life, then RallySport Direct will be here to support you along the way. The goal for camshafts is to provide more mid-range power and more top-end speed. For example, if you have plans to build your STI with a larger turbo, and you have a goal for a certain amount of horsepower, then camshafts will certainly help you reach those goals. Additionally, camshafts will provide more top-end speed. Camshafts can also help with reducing turbo lag and maximize the efficiency of the turbocharger. We carry several different camshafts for different makes and models. We carry the Tomei Poncams for the GTR, and we have several great examples of the Brian Crower camshafts for the Evo and the STI. We also carry a large selection of GSC camshafts in many different degree variations also for different makes and models, and for vehicles with or without AVCS. Or do you need a set of camshafts for your MazdaSpeed? We carry a great selection from Cosworth as well.  Whether if you are building your head, or are doing a complete tear-down, then get our camshafts upgraded with a set from many of the great mentioned offerings. And if you want to get more aggressive with your setup, be sure to check out our great selection of cam gears, and make sure you re-assemble everything using new gaskets, and stock up on all the lubricants and fluids when you're ready to fire up the car again. 

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