Grounding Kits

RallySport Direct carries grounding kits to help equalize the resistance and voltage between various ground points on the car which results in a more stable electrical system in your ignition, and the rest of the electronic components throughout your vehicle. The benefits will be improved idling and drivability and provides sufficient power to the electrical sensors and accessories to work together in a better fashion. If you have several electronic additions to your vehicle such as electronic gauges, boost controllers, or even an upgraded stereo system, these things can take more current away from your electrical system that is needed for more important components such as the alternator, and the ignition system. We carry grounding kits from the highly regarded Cusco, which makes some of the best components for the AWD sport compact market. Make sure when looking at grounding kits, that you check out our great selection of spark plugs, coil packs, and spark plug singles

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