2007 Subaru Legacy GT Limited 2.5
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Exhaust Gaskets and Hardware

If you plan on re-using your old gaskets and hardware while putting your car back together for upgrades or maintenance, then you're not gonna gave a good time. If you invested in getting a new downpipe, or exhaust header, up pipe, or anything in between, then make the extra investment and get new gaskets and hardware. Your gaskets go through extreme temperature changes throughout the course of the day. And if you need to remove parts such as the turbocharger, or the exhaust manifold, the gasket could come apart. And if you go through all the arduous labor of removing these components, then for gosh sakes don't re-use these gaskets. You could be doubling your work when you fire up the car and notice you have an exhaust leak.

The same goes for your hardware. Your downpipe, turbo, or exhaust, as well as manifold hardware experience extreme heat, and after a while they can become rusted, and the threads can stretch upon removal. When you use new hardware or gaskets, the fitment will go on much easier the first time, and you are providing the turbo or exhaust system with an even contact patch the first time creating a perfect seal. 

At RallySport Direct we carry a great selection of gaskets, as well as OEM hardware to make your turbo or exhaust installation easier. Don't waste time by going to the local hardware store and creating some hack job for your car. Your car is better than that. You just put a new downpipe on the STI. get some mew OEM Downpipe to Turbo Nuts.  Or maybe you need a new up pipe gasket? Grimmspeed has you covered. We carry new Turbine Inlet Housing gaskets, new Turbo to Downpipe Gaskets,  Donut Gaskets. All from your favorite manufacturers such as Tomei, Remflex, Permaseal, and we carry Subaru OEM and Mazda OEM among many other great brands.