2005 Nissan 350Z Performance 3.5
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Cat Back Exhaust System

Cat-Back Exhaust Systems are considered to be one of the most popular first set of modifications because of not only the obvious increases in horsepower or torque, but there's the simplicity of installation and the reward of the sound and weight savings. We carry a massive selection of cat-back exhaust systems from resonated for those who can't stand exhaust drone, or from non-resonated for those of you who like to wake the neighbors up at 6 in the morning. Also, you can choose from full full titanium exhaust systems, single exit, dual exit, or you can choose between polished tips and titanium tips. Either way, if you're trying to get that flagship Subaru rumble in your WRX or STI, or want to break necks in your Evo when you hit peak boost we got you covered. Choose from a large selection of exhaust systems tailored to your style, and what suits your vehicle the best whether if you want a more aggressive sound, or you need an exhaust system to accommodate your power levels.  And if you're looking to maximize the power of your exhaust, be sure to check out from our large selection of Downpipes. And while you're at it, be sure to protect all components surrounding the exhaust system with a wide selection of Turbo Heat Shields

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