2009 Subaru Forester XT 2.5
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Plug and Play Engine Management

We all know that one person who  just got a new STI and blew it up a few days later because they saw on the intrawebs on how to make a manual boost controller, and thought it would be a great idea to turn the boost all the way up without adding fuel or adjust the timing. It can be a pretty expensive mistake and you gonna learn today. So how do those guys get their cars to do all these wonderful things such as making their car run smoother with larger injectors and an intake, or how do they get their cars to make all those cool popping noises before launching?  These are questions that your high school counselor can't help you with. However, have a gander at our large selection of Plug and Play products. At RallySport Direct we carry a massive selection of COBB's famous Accessport, as well as other plug and play engine tuning devices. Did you put a downpipe on your WRX and keep hitting fuel cut on peak boost? You need a tune. Does your Evo feel slower after installing a cold air intake? You need a tune. Couldn't hit full plaid in your GTR after a midpipe install? You get the idea.  The great thing about the Accessport for example, is that COBB offers several off the shelf tunes (OTS) designed specifically for your current modifications. And COBB regularly updates their site with the latest and greatest updates to keep up with your upgrades. With a plug and play engine management system, you will be able to maximize the benefits from your modifications. Your ECU is programmed to work specifically with OEM components. If you start adding a larger turbo, or add larger injectors without a tune, then you're not gonna have a good time.   

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