1994 Acura Integra LS 1.8
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Engine Management Sensors

RallySport Direct carries a massive selection of Engine Management Sensors to provide your plug-in engine management systems, as well as stand alone ECUs with proper and accurate readings for tuning purposes. For example, there are several map sensors available for those of you who are running high-boost or even conservative boost levels. Additionally, you can find sensors like replacement wideband O2 sensors, and factory O2 sensors are also available for your vehicle to function at its best. And even if your vehicle does not have a tuning device, a bad O2 sensor will trigger a check engine light because the vehicle could be running too rich or lean which can be very dangerous under boost. Choose sensors from major labels that include the likes of Omni Power, Bosch, PERRIN, Prosport, and Subaru OEM. If you converted to E-85 on a full bolt-on Nissan GTR, then get the Omni Power 4 Bar MAP Sensor. If you want to make big boost on a Subaru WRX and you just got an Accessport, then get the PERRIN 4 Bar Map Sensor. You can keep your Subaru STI running in top condition with a new Subaru OEM O2 sensor. And even if you need a throttle position sensor for the Honda Civic with VTECH, we carry an Omni Power unit for that as well. When shopping for  Engine Management Sensors, make sure you have a look at our great selection of Engine Management Systems to see if you need an upgrade. And if you really want to take your vehicle further, check out our selection of Stand Alone Engine Management Systems.

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