1995 Subaru Impreza Base 1.8
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Hood Dampers

Hood Dampers are available to simplify your life. You ever get caught in a situation where you need to pop the hood, and it's dark outside. You spend a few minutes fidgeting with the hood latch and finally you get it open. Now you have to the hood rod and once you find it, you have to find the prop hole on the hood. 35 minutes later and lots of cussing, you finally have the hood open. Now, this whole scenario may not be as dramatic for you, but it probably happened to somebody out there.  Of course, all of this hassle can be avoided with one interweb trip to RallySport Direct. At RallySport Direct, we carry a great selection of hood dampers from the likes of Greddy, Prosport, Grimmspeed, and Prova.  Make sure you secure your hood with our great selection of hood pins and latches, and protect the rest of your exterior with a big variety of parts located in the exterior protection section

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