Intercooler Hose Kits

RallySport Direr carries a great selection of Intercooler Hose kits to enhance your turbo experience. Why an intercooler hose upgrade you ask? For example, overtime the couplers or hoses on the factory top mount intercooler can tear due to years of expanding under boost. This same scenerio applies to other makes and models with intercooler piping kits. But overtime, the fibers inside the hose can come apart under boost which can eventually lead to a tear causing an unwanted boost leak, and a loss in power.  Here at RallySport Direct, we carry intercooler hoses from many great manufactures. If you want to give a little more punch to that Mini Cooper, then Alta makes a great example. Or if you want to improve the boost response in the Ford Focus ST then check ot our selection from Mountune. And of course if you have a Subaru WRX then check out our great selection from Mishimoto, Grimmspeed, and Process West among other brands. Most of the Intercooler Hose Kits will come provided with silicone couplers and with either t-bolt or worm clamps.And if you want to upgrade to something bigger, check out our great selection of Intercoolers. And make sure you stock up on couplers and hoses. 

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