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Fluid Coolers

Heat generated in extreme driving conditions such as a weekend track day will potentially cause more wear and tear on your components such as the engine, turbocharger, cooling system, and even your drivetrain. And if you live in a super hot climate like Phoenix where cars just spontaneously combust because the sun thinks it's funny, don't worry. Here at RallySport Direct, we carry a large selection of fluid coolers to promote the longevity in your vehicle.  If you have a Subaru STI prepped for time attack, then we carry a massive selection of oil coolers from Mishimoto, PERRIN, Process West, among many other brands. If you are prepping your Mitsubishi Evolution X MR for the next autocross, then the addition of the AMS Performance Transmission Oil Cooler Kit will keep tranny temps in a safe range. Or if you have a backyard dragster and need a universal transmission cooler, then Mishimoto has you covered.  RallySport carries several oil cooler kits that come with everything needed for a bolt-on installation that includes the sandwich adapter, lines, and everything else needed to get the job done. There are also options that come with a thermostat to allow the cooler to operate under a certain threshold.  Additionally, if you need a cooler for your differential, Cusco offers their Transmission and Rear Differential Cooler Kit  for those of you who put their differentials through arduous driving conditions.  Make sure the rest of your cooling system is up to par. Check out our wide selection of radiators, and intercoolers

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