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Tumbler Delete Valves

RallySport Direct carries some of the best Tumbler Delete Valves available in the country. If you're new to the Subaru world, the tumblers are a part of the intake manifold system and are designed with internal butterflies that are operated by a set of electronic solenoids. These butterflies are operated by a shaft that runs through the inside of the tumbler allowing the inner flaps of the tumbler to open or close. Why do people get rid of them? On one scenario there have been times where the solenoid fails leaving the butterfly shut and pretty much leaving the owner stranded. Now the main reason is that there are some that want to make more than 350WHP, and at this power point the butterflies get in the way of the air flow. When this happens, some owners will actually go out and cut out the butterflies, drill out the shafts, get the shaft holes welded in. And it can become messy and troublesome especially if you've never done it before. Now RallySport Direct eliminates this process by offering tumbler delete valves from Process West, Mishimoto, and STI. You cannot go wrong with either set. However, if you're trying to win car shows on top of performance, the Process West units are a billet work of art. If you're looking at tumbler delete valves, then that means you're in the Air Induction system to improve your breathing. Make sure you have a look at our great selection of short ram intakes, cold air intakes, and turbo inlet hoses and pipes.  

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