Short Ram Air Intakes

One of the first modifications performed on any high-performance vehicle is an addition of an intake of some sort. Whether it be an upgraded cold air intake, a short ram intake, or even an OEM replacement panel filter with better breathing characteristics. In regards to turbocharged vehicles, upgraded intakes free up substantial amounts of horsepower depending on the application. The factory airbox supplied in some applications really hinder the performance causing the turbocharger to work overtime to make power. Here at RallySport Direct, it could be said that aftermarket intakes are almost our forte as there is a major selection of Short Ram Intakes for many makes and models. We carry short ram intakes from more than 15 manufacturers which include the likes of COBB Tuning, Grimmspeed, Mishimoto, PERRIN, Injen, among other great names.  You can choose from many different styles, colors, and come intakes will come with heat shields, and come intakes have wet or dry filter elements. Some intakes will require a tune while there are some that don't require one depending on the application.  If your intake does require a tune, then choose the right Plug and Play Engine Management. And if you want to keep your stock air box and want to improve the air flow, then you can choose a High Flow Replacement Panel Filter

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