Short Throw Shifters

Enhance the driving experience in your vehicle with the addition of a short throw shifter. RallySport Direct carries short throw shifters offered from 10 of our more popular brands. Short throw shifters do what they are described, and they reduce your shifting throw distances for those who enjoy spirited driving, or for those of you who participate in the occasional weekend track event.  Depending on the model, some vehicles shift mechanism is longer than usual, and now you have the option to choose a great unit from the likes of COBB Tuning, Kartboy, Beatrush, Cusco, and Ford Racing among other great brands. Want to try and save a few seconds of your lap time in the Subaru STI? Choose the COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter. Or you can improve the shifting in the Ford Fiesta ST with a Mountune Quick Shift.  When shopping for the right short throw shifter, take a look at the shifter bushings, and you can also do everything at once with one of our many shifter and bushing kits.  

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