2009 Subaru Legacy GT Limited 2.5

Transmission Mounts

When you start putting your car under steroids, then you may be surpassing the limits of your engine mounts, and your transmission mounts. RallySport Direct carries a great selection of transmission mounts to help you keep that torque in check. We carry great brands from the likes of PERRIN, Beatrush, STI, and we carry RallySport Kits that provide transmission mounts.  These transmission mounts will reduce movement in the drivetrain under hard acceleration, braking, and high-speed cornering. Additionally, an upgraded transmission mount provides better feedback for the driver while keeping the power to the ground. If you have performed modifications such as an upgraded turbocharger, larger injectors with increased boost, then now is the time to upgrade your transmission mounts, as well as your engine mounts.  Make sure when upgrading your transmission mounts, that you take a look at upgrading your shifters and bushings as well. 

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