2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR 2.0
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Engine Mounts

If you have performed modifications that have increased the torque and horsepower output in your vehicle, then it may be time to upgrade the engine mounts in your vehicle. Over time, mileage, and modifications you could be experiencing excessive engine vibration or engine lifting under throttle. This can be an indication that the bushings may have become weak or damaged in your motor mounts. And for those of you who went full kill mode in modifications may need solid motor mounts.  RallySport Direct carries a great selection of engine mounts to restore the feel and function of your engine and drivetrain. Once you have new motor mounts installed in your vehicle, then you will renew the transition in power from your engine to your drivetrain. This will eliminate any buckling, vibration, hesitation, and once again you will have a smooth running machine.  If you drive a Ford Focus ST, choose an engine mount from cpe. If you just did a turbo back exhaust system, added some fuel, and turned the boost up on a STI then check out PERRIN's Motor Mount Kits. And if you have a full-on race car, then check out the mounts from Mooresport. But don't forget that we also carry a great selection from Beatrush, Subaru OEM, James Barone Racing, among other great brands.  Make sure you upgrade your transmission mounts , and maintain your transmission and differential bushings  to smooth out the rest of your vehicle. 

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