Differential Covers

Not only do differential covers look amazing underneath your vehicle, but they have been designed to have a larger fluid capacity, and some of them have extra provisions in case some of you would like to add a differential cooler. You can get a differential cooler for your Subaru WRX STI and they are suitable for both daily driving duties, as well as for motorsports use. Choose from great examples from Cusco, Mooresport, as well as PERRIN. You can also choose from a variety of colors from the Cusco flagship blue, or you can get a black unit from PERRIN, or a bare metal finish from Mooresport.  While you're shopping for differentials, you can always upgrade your rear end with our great selection of Limited Slip Differentials, and make sure when installing either a new differential or differential cover, that you refill using the right LSD Oil and Additives

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