2004 Nissan 350Z Performance 3.5


Never overlook the flywheel when performing a clutch job. This is great life advice for you and your mechanic. When you BBQ'd that clutch trying to impress all the dude bros at AWD Army, more than likely you glazed that flywheel pretty good too. Now, you can get away with resurfacing your flywheel. But don't be like Jared with the Focus ST who thought spraying the flywheel down with brake parts cleaner will do the job. So what happens if you pull a Jared? Well, your new clutch could start slipping on that glazed flywheel because it doesn't have a proper surface to create friction. Therefore, you are robbing your car of its full power potential and you will have to double your work instead of laying on the couch eating cereal.  So that is one the main jobs of the flywheel is to create a proper friction surface for the clutch disk when engaged. But flywheels can improve on performance. If you have a lightweight flywheel for example, you will gain more horsepower and faster revs because of the reduced rotational mass. However, sometimes with lightweight flywheels there will be some additional clutch chatter to get used to once installed.  RallySport Direct carries a great selection of lightweight flywheels from the likes of ACT, Exedy, Competition Clutch, among other great brands. Make sure if you upgraded your clutch, that you check the welfare of your existing flywheel. And if things aren't looking so good. Not to worry, RallySport Direct has what you need to stay on the road or track. 

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