Clutch Lines

If your factory clutch line is leaking, or if the pedal feel or clutch engagement isn't consistent then it could be something as simple as a clutch line. In some models, the factory clutch line is made from rubber and it isn't uncommon to see a factory clutch line to expand and eventually rupture under pressure.  Here at RallySport Direct, we carry a great selection of stainless steel clutch lines from the likes of GoodRidge, and we carry the OEM STI clutch line. Abd because these clutch lines are stainless steel, they will not rupture or expand under pressure, and the pressure goes straight to the pedal for better driver feedback. Check out our large catalog of single disk clutches for those of you who failed the last launch attempt. And for those of you who made too much power, check out the selection of axles and driveshafts

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