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Brake Kits

Behold! Here at RallySport Direct we carry the best products to keep your sport compact rocketship on the road. And after a certain amount of mileage or years, or amount of hooning will take a toll on some of your components. So let's open the topic of brakes. If your current brakes are vibrating under braking, making an excessive squealing noise, and feel soft, or if your car has a hard time stopping then it might be time to upgrade them brakes there. 

But when replacing brakes, do it right the first time and replace them in pairs. Think of brakes like light bulbs for example. If you replace one, the other will go out soon afterward. RallySport Direct Brake Kits  will consist of a pair, or a full set of rotors, and pads. We carry major brands from Hawk Performance that include their performance slotted and drilled rotors, along with a set of their HPS 5.0 or PC pads. These are perfect for those of you who need the extra braking power for that weekend autocross or track event, yet they are also suitable for the commute to work.

OR. Choose from one of several RallySport Street Brake Kits for the Subaru STI, WRX, or BRZ. These kits provide the user to choose from a variety of brake rotors from DBA, Powerslot, and then you get to choose what kind of brake pad you would like to use. Then finally, you get a set of stainless steel brake lines to bring your car to a hault. 

Additionally, we carry several different kits and variations from Stoptech. Why slotted or drilled rotors? Slotted rotors create a sweeping motion that wipes away brake residue and hot gasses which will provide a clean braking surface every time. And drilled rotors provide a cooler disc under extreme braking as they vent the heat away. This is great for high-performance driving, but you get new pads and in some kits stainless steel brake lines that will improve your braking performance tremendously. 

And remember, whenever you are upgrading your brakes, make sure you use a proper brake fluid. And if you don't have a hand at bleeding the brakes, make sure you try out one of the brake bleeding tools that we offer.