Big Brake Kits

If you are a regular participant in weekend motorsports events and have pushed your car beyond the limits of factory brakes, then you might be interested in a Big Brake Kit. Big Brake Kits  stay much cooler under extreme braking which creates reduced distances because of the increase in braking efficiency. This is why you see all those cool race cars outfitted with Big Brake Kits  to make sure they are powerful enough to slow a car coming into turn 1.  We carry some of the best Big Brake Kits available in the industry from the likes of Brembo, as well as Stoptech. We carry Big Brake Kits for the front, and for the rear. We carry kits in all sorts of color finishes, and you get to choose what kind of rotor you'd like whether if you preferred drilled, or slotted. You also get a set of stainless steel brake lines  to improve on response and feedback while braking. Make sure you are up to date with good brake fluid. And if you need a hand bleeding your brakes but are solo, then check out the great selection of Brake Bleeding Tools. 

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