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Brake Ducting Kits

If you're looking for better ways of improving the cooling in your brakes, then check out our great selection of Brake Ducting Kits. Whether if you are looking for the actual braking ducts, or if you need the brake duct hose and backing kit, we have you covered. Additionally, we also carry brake cooling plates that replace the cust covers on the back of your rotors.  So why would you need brake ducting? Well if you are a regular track participant then these are almost a must have. When your brakes get hot enough to produce brake fade then you definitely need to improve the cooling. And what is brake fade? This is where your pads get so hot that they glaze over the rotor and your stopping performance goes out the window and into a tire barrier. Choose from many different options and setups from APR. If you drive a 2011-2014 STI then you can get the carbon fiber brake ducts to improve the cooling efficiency of your brakes but they also look cool. If you autocross a Subaru BRZ then you can get the complete APR Brake Duct Hose and Backing Kit.  While shopping for brake ducts, make sure you check out our super duper megalo huge selection of brake pads, as well as brake rotors in case you did end up glazing your brakes. 

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