Brake Rotors

If you are experiencing vibration under braking, or if your vehicle is lacking stopping performance then it may be an indication that you need a new set of brake rotors. RallySport Direct carries a wide variety of brake rotors from some of the more popular brands such as StoptechBrembo, and DBA. We carry a great selection of brake rotors to tailor to your driving style. And if you're asking yourself what your driving style is, then do you participate in weekend track events such as auto crosses or the occasional time attack event? Or does going home require going through an aggressive canyon? If so then you might be interested in a slotted or drilled rotor. A slotted rotor wipes the face of the rotor clean from brake residue and hot gasses. And a drilled rotor vents both brake dust and hot gasses which creates a cooler rotor under extreme braking. Or maybe you're sick and tired of vibrating under braking which is an indicator of a warped rotor, and you just want a fine OEM replacement. We got you covered. Hey, make sure when you change the rotors to inspect your brake pads. And don't forget to properly bleed your brakes with fresh brake fluid

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