Brake Pad Shims

"Hey. Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?" "EEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHEHEHHHHHHH GUYS! GUYS! GUYS!" See what happens when you install your brake pads without brake pad shims? Brake pad shims not only help absorb vibration under braking, they shield heat from reaching the caliper and heating up the brake fluid. Without brake pad shims, you risk having vibration under braking which will cause excessive noise. Since everyone isn't a gearhead and presumes you have racing pads, those people will think that your car is broken. Now you can do something about it and get yourself a set of brake pad shims at RallySport Direct. Typically when you get a new set of brake pads, they will come with their own set of brake pad shims, or you have to use your pre-existing shims. But if somehow you don't have those shims, then stop on by. When shopping for brake pad shims,check out our great selection of brake pads, brake rotors, and upgrade your brake lines with an excellent replacement we have here at 

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