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RallySport Direct After Dark Car Show Entry

August 14th, 2021 5pm -10pm

At this year's RallySport Direct After Dark we are having a Car Show hosted by UtahWeekendCarMeet. This is a multi-class event and judges will be using a point-based system within 13 different categories. $2000 in prizes are up for grabs (along with bragging rights!). Entry space is limited, so hurry and enter for your spot.

Car Show Classes:

• Best JDM
• Best Euro
• Best Domestic
• Best Bagged
• Best Static
• Best Interior
• Best Paint
• Best Subaru
• Best FR-S/BRZ/GT86
• Best Race Car
• Employees Choice
• Vendors Choice
• Best of Show

Rules and Notes:

Pre-registration is the only way to guarantee entry. Day of registration depends on the space available.
Car show load-in is from 3:30pm to 4:30pm.
All cars must be registered with the car show manager by 2:00pm. Awards will be done at 9:00pm.
This is a multi-class event. Judges will be using a point based system on different categories.
Cars cannot be moved once parked, unless requested by show staff.
Disqualification/Removal: Any exhibitor who fails to follow the written rules and regulations or verbal instruction from the event staff is subject to disqualification and removal from the event. This also includes unsportsmanlike behavior, excessive profanity, or anything else deemed inappropriate by the event staff.
Final Say-Event staff / promoters reserve the right to alter or modify the rules listed to enhance the event.
There will be no participation awards, nor classes based on race, gender, height, species, etc.