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ARP Extended Wheel Studs 5 Pack

MODEL # ARP100-7717


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ARP Extended Wheel Studs 5 Pack ( Part Number: 100-7717)
Fits Evo8 perfect 6 years ago
5out of 5stars

They fit fine up front and work great with 20mm spacers needed with Enkei RPF01's. Be sure to retorque lug nut's after rolling a bit as they seem to be looser than the rears just following install.
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YES IT FITS! 6 years ago
5out of 5stars

Before I bought this, I had to make sure it would fit my car. I have a 2008 Evo X, and according to the product description on this, it only fits up to 2006. So the biggest question was WOULD IT FIT? unfortunately, not even ARP themselves could confirm that it would. I went ahead and bought it anyway (I was reminded by RSD staff that once package is opened or even just dirtied, it would not be accepted for returns, so I had to be absolutely sure) anyhow, for anyone else that is wondering or just unsure, I hope this helps you decide... YES IT FITS! the stud head is a little bigger than OEM, but not big enough to affect anything on the back of your hub. You will also notice that the knurl is also different because it has an extra part sticking out before the threads actually start, that also does not matter... what matters is the thickness of the knurl the same and will it fit in the hole of your hub. and once again, YES IT FITS, although it looks a bit different. I hope this product review will help other along the way as they contemplate if this is the right one... good luck and enjoy...
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ARP Extended Wheel Studs 5 Pack (Part Number: )