ARP Extended Wheel Studs 5 Pack ( Part Number:ARP 100-7716)

ARP Extended Wheel Studs 5 Pack

MODEL # ARP 100-7716
Manufacturer Part # 100-7716


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The ARP Extended Wheel Studs are a great way of securing your wheels whether if you have upgraded to a wider set, or just want a stronger solution especially for those of you who participate in local motorsports. 

These ARP wheels studs are constructed from heat-treated 8740 chrome-moly, and have a tensile strength of 200,000 psi, and are able to handle tremendous acceleration shock loads.  Overall length on these studs is 3”, and compared to the factory studs, you will have to run an open ended lug nut or these studs.

Sold in a pack of 5.

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Brand: ARP
QTY: 5
Thread Pitch: M12x1.25

Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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Zranck 4 months ago

2015 STI ARP Wheel Stud Review
Ice8erg 4 months ago
I picked up 4 packs to use on my 15 STI because after 2 years of AutoX my stock Subaru ones were all starting to crossthread. The rears are a pain to install because they moved the wheel speed sensor to the top of the knuckle so you can't do the old trick of expanding that hole to put them in. I was able to undo the 4 bolts that hold the hub assembly to the knuckle and keep the axel nut on the halfshaft and pull the hub out enough to slip the studs in. They are very nicely made and go well with the Gorilla steel racing lugs I ordered as well. I think they will hold up well with time based on friends who AutoX and have been using these for many seasons.

Works Great!
fan79779 2 years ago
Just an FYI, the site shows that it does not fit the BRZ / FR-S, but they do. :)
Verified Purchase

Installed on a 2012 Subaru STI 5 Door
TheflyingJay 3 years ago
Good Product. Installed these with no problem. Recommend pressing them in using a nice wheel bearing. Keeps from damaging the lug and hub. So far they have been good and make it easier installing different rims/tires. I paired these with the Muteki SR48 Chrome Black Open Ended Lug Nuts 12X1.25. Works great. Nice that you can just see the end of the lug knowing that you have a perfect fit. They look good and feel ok. We rally cross the car hard and haven't broken one yet. Another tip. 4 bolts and you have the hub off. Makes it so much easier than installing while the hub is on the car. Take your time and enjoy the installation. I know we did.
Verified Purchase

Great Product
jtabarejo 4 years ago
Purchased these for my GD WRX/STI Install is straight forward like any other wheel studs especially for the front... The rear you'll need to grind down the shoulder a little so it'll fit into the ABS sensor hole. If not you'll need to press out the hub, install and then press in/out new rear wheel bearings. Total install time with the correct tools is about 2 hours for all 4 corners :) Open ended lug nuts are required.

  • Q: 20mm spacers  CARNATERA66709 10 months ago


    Will this item fit with a 20mm spacers or do I need a longer extended studs?

    • A: I recommend running extended studs when installing any size spacer as a safety precaution. These studs are 76.2mm long. You will want to do some measurements of the wheel you plan to use with these before ordering.

      Tyler G. 10 months ago
  • Q: How much longer than OEM?  SpeedHoles 1 year ago


    How much longer in millimeters are these ARP studs compared to the OEM studs? Thanks.

    • A: The overall length on these studs is 3 inches which equates to 76.2 mm. We are not able to confirm how long the oem studs are.

      Tyler G. 1 year ago
  • Q: should i change my studs?  Tarek 1 year ago


    I have changed my wheels to Lenso 5x114 8.5 and I added a 5mm spacers, the lug nuts have 6 turns on the OEM studs is it safe or I have to get extended wheel studs with new lug nuts?

    • A: I recommend running extended studs when installing any size spacer as a safety precaution.

      Josh P. 1 year ago
  • Q: Which Open Ended Lug Nuts to Use w/ OEM Wheels?  gmhl10 1 year ago


    I have a 2013 STi Sedan (not Limited) with the OEM Enkei split 10-spoke wheel. Which open ended lug nuts can I use with the OEM wheels since tuner lugs are not recommended?

    • A: We do not recommend running any aftermarket lug nuts on stock wheels. The lug taper on aftermarket lug nuts is 60 degrees, whereas the lug seat on the stock wheels is a smaller angle. The aftermarket lug nuts will not sit correctly in the lug seat, increasing the likelihood of the lug nut backing off the stud.

      Josh P. 1 year ago
  • Q: Returns  Bryce.Robinson 2 years ago


    Are these not returnable? I bought 4 packs and didn't end up needing them. I looked for the ability to return it in my order and could not find it. If they can't be returned it is a waste of $160.

    • A: These are able to be returned if you are inside of your 30 day purchase window, and they are not open. Feel free to log into your account and click on the invoice you purchased them on, and click return items.

      Trevor C. 2 years ago
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