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AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit V2 (up to 35psi) w/ 1 Gallon Tank (Part Number: )
AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit V2 (up to 35psi) w/ 1 Gallon Tank (Part Number: )
AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit V2 (up to 35psi) w/ 1 Gallon Tank (Part Number: )
AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit V2 (up to 35psi) w/ 1 Gallon Tank (Part Number: )
AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit V2 (up to 35psi) w/ 1 Gallon Tank (Part Number: )
AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit V2 (up to 35psi) w/ 1 Gallon Tank (Part Number: )
AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit V2 (up to 35psi) w/ 1 Gallon Tank (Part Number: )
AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit V2 (up to 35psi) w/ 1 Gallon Tank (Part Number: )
AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit V2 (up to 35psi) w/ 1 Gallon Tank (Part Number: )
AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit V2 (up to 35psi) w/ 1 Gallon Tank (Part Number: )
AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit V2 (up to 35psi) w/ 1 Gallon Tank
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Part # 30-3300
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Features & Product Details

Water/methanol injection for gas engines is a proven means for effectively reducing engine inlet air temperatures and suppressing harmful detonation on forced induction and high performance naturally aspirated race engines. This allows racers to reliably increase boost and advance ignition timing—without using high-octane racing fuel—for power gains of up to 20%. AEM’s Water/Methanol Injection Systems utilize the most robust hardware combined with more advanced features than any other comparably priced water/methanol system.

The on-demand progressive controller in AEM’s Boost Dependent Water/Methanol Injection kit bases injection flow on manifold pressure using an on-board MAP sensor (up to 35 PSI of boost) to ensure the proper amount of water/methanol injection at all points along an engine’s power curve.

AEM’s engineers spent extensive time developing the controller’s flow control strategy for a more linear flow output delivery. This means that the flow delivery better matches an engine’s need for water/methanol injection, which further optimizes charge air cooling and detonation control.

The new controller design features large, turn-resistant knobs and larger numbering to easily set accurate start and full activation points, with covered status LED and test buttons for added splash resistance. A plug is integrated into the controller housing for mating to the redesigned wiring harness’s positive-lock connector. The Boost Dependent controller housing has a molded-in, barbed nipple to accept a boost hose and a wiring legend on the back, integrated fuse and molded mounting tabs.

AEM’s Boost Dependent Water/Methanol Injection kit’s wiring harness is terminated with a positive-lock connector on one end and has color-coded wires to ease installation. Both the power and ground wires for the pump are included in the harness which simplifies the wiring process and eliminates any chance of the pump accidentally activating from a short in the system. An additional wire is included for adding an optional on/off solenoid to stop fluid flow when the system is inactive.

AEM’s Boost Dependent, gasoline Water/Methanol Injection System’s compact 1 gallon tank includes a high tech conductive low fluid level indicator with a positive lock connector and color matched wires to the wiring harness.

•Boost Dependent controller features on-board MAP sensor with large adjustment knobs, integrated plug for harness connection, integrated fuse, covered status light and test button for enhanced splash resistance and mounting tabs
•Wiring harness is terminated with a positive-lock connector on one end with color-coded wires to ease installation, power and ground wires for the pump and additional wire for optional on/off fluid solenoid
•“Boost Safe” failsafe output included
•Internally-bypassed water/methanol injection pump does not cycle on an off and provides quiet, smooth operation. It features robust construction including integral hose fittings, EPDM seals and a Santoprene diaphragm that provides consistent and reliable fluid delivery
•Precision-machined billet-aluminum injector with integral check valve
•Three interchangeable injector nozzles to cover a wide variety of HP levels (250cc/min, 500 cc/min & 1,000cc/min)
•1 gallon tank(10" x 8.5" x 4.25") with integral conductive low-fluid sensor and positive lock connector
•20 feet of Nylon injection tubing included
•LED dash light for system status and low fluid warning


Brand: AEM
Attachment Method: Hardware
Display: Status LED
Requires Control Unit: Yes (Included)
Tank Included: Yes
Volts: 12v
Nozzles Included: 250cc/min, 500cc/min. 1000cc/min
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
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WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.



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High recommended buy!!  3 years ago
Fast delivery. Install the kit on my 2009 Subaru GH8 Auto and it works well. Very quiet pump. Easy to adjust the settings on the controller. No issue under hard driving for 2 months now. Theres is a slight leak at the cap ( just a few drops) from the container tank, maybe in future they can make the cap from water-tight materials or just do not fill the tank to the brim. Other than that, no major issue.
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2015 WRX Stg2 3 years ago
Universal product so install is up to you to figure out your specific application. Great product, great quality, but really figure out what you need it for. I have this kit installed for when E85 is not available and run ethanol full time. E85 makes more power but the methanol is definitely a huge power upgrade and you will. It be disappointed! Normal driving one gallon of methanol water 50/50 lasts around 1500 miles boost set to start at 10 psi full at 20
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Works Great! 4 years ago
Kits works great, I only run water so it serves as a safety feature. I can however notice a difference, my car seems to be consistent with boosting and feels like it has some serious grunt. The only thing I don't get is there seems to be a discrepancy with regards to boost pressures. The AEM is set to come on from 10 PSI but my GFB electronic boost gauge says 7psi, maybe the tap into the boost line is the problem. Either way, works great! Oh and FYI, my AEM comes on at 10 PSI and full at 18 PSI, the water/meth tank supplied seems to last about one and a half full tanks of petrol.
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  • Q: Nozzle Installation doubt  Malammadi4 years ago

    Hi, I bought this product and installed it. The manual says to install after the intercooler and maf sensor and before throttle butterfly. The problem I faced was that there was no place to install between the intercooler and throttle body, so I drilled a hole at the bottom end of the intercooler closest to the throttle body and installed the nozzle. I am not sure if that will work or not, can't get hold of my tuner yet so I thought will come back to you
    • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

      A:  That should work, but another common option is sourcing a silicone coupler with a threaded insert in it for installation.

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  • Q: wrx 2006 installation  Alberto De Santa Anna4 years ago

    i have this kit, can i install the pump with conecction looking down? best place to install in a wrx???
    • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

      A:  Gathering information from employees here it just depends on where you have room for it. We have heard of people removing their washer fluid and putting it in the trunk and then putting the pump there in the engine bay. All up to you in the end.

      Tommy M. @ RallySport Direct 4 years ago  
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  • Q: install!  j_currie17617904 years ago

    Hi there whats the estimated install time for an experienced Subaru mechanic? thanks!
    • 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful

      A:  The install time on this kit would be roughly 2-6 hours and that is not including the tuning time afterwards.

      guest57853c642a8d25b5018c44a7 @
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