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AEM Water/Methanol Injection Monitor System

MODEL # AEI30-3020


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The old saying... 5 years ago
2out of 5stars

My dad used to tell me all the time, The more extras it has, the more likely it is to have something fail. My kit did not work initially. After several firmware flashes and parts being exchanged, I discovered that the flow meter was assembled incorrectly from the factory. The customer support is good, so long as you don't work on your car on the weekends. The flow metering is good, and the software is easy to use. My AEM WM injection controller (V1) has started having issues now (about 2 months after installing the failsafe). While I don't blame the failsafe for the controller tripping up, it does not catch the fact that the WM Controller is messing up. So realistically, it is not functioning as a failsafe so much as just a flow meter. I had high hopes for this unit, but may convert to a different brand controller and failsafe because of the issues it has had. When it all works, it's great, but half the time when I start the car the failsafe or the controller will not be working. Usually it boils down to me having to shut the car off, wait 30 seconds and start it back up. As much as I love WM Injection and the flexibility it allows with tuning, I cannot recommend this particular product.
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