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Tial MV-S Wastegate 38mm Red w/ All Springs ( Part Number:TIA MVSR)

Tial MV-S Wastegate 38mm Red w/ All Springs - Universal

Manufacturer Part # MVSR


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Grimmspeed 38/40mm 2 Bolt Uppipe Wastegate Kit
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For those of you looking for an exceptional means of controlling boost, then look at Tial’s 38mm MV-S external wastegate in the red finish. Tial products have been tested, race-proven, and trusted by turbocharged vehicles off all different genres of motorsports, and they consistently continue to deliver precision performance under the most strenuous of conditions.

These have been crafted out of the finest alloy metals to offer a lifetime of performance. The Tial MV-S wastegate will come equipped with 3 lower ports, as well as 2 upper ports to allow you to conveniently source out boost ports even in the tightest of spaces. The Tial MV-S 38mm external wastegate only stands at 3.7” tall, making them more compact than any other wastegate on the market today.

Sometimes the springs will come pre-installed from Tial so you will want to verify the spring settings before installation.

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Brand: Tial
Color: Red
Flange Size: 38mm
Flange Type: V-Band
Includes Hardware: Yes
Includes Spring: Yes, All Springs
Material: Stainless Steel / Aluminum
Pressure Rating: 0.3-1.7 bar
Type: External
Water Cooled: Yes

Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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RallySport Guarantee items may be returned within 30 days of the original invoice date and must include all the original parts and contents for a refund.

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Verified Purchase

Tial wastegate
Chandler 4 months ago
Absolutely amazing quality. Wasn’t too hard to install the springs either. Pretty easy to install aswell. Now the bolts weren’t standard nor metric Allen keys so we used a socket star bit(don’t remember the exact size). It worked great but you have to be careful not to strip it still since it isn’t a prefect fit but we were able to torque it.
Verified Purchase

Soooo loud and amazing
nickwalker12 12 months ago
This thing is one of the best things I've bought for my car. The turbo spools up way faster and you have torque way earlier and once it opens up it's the loudest thing I've ever heard and it's amazing. I would highly recommend this to anyone
Verified Purchase

Love it.
dgalupar56936 1 year ago
put this one on along with other items such as: Killer B headers, ID 1000, GS up pipe, invidia catless DP, upgraded 16g 6x6 stock turbo (port n polish), and tgv deletes. I had the springs set between 10-12 psi. I think it's 11.8. Definitely loud once you spool but really amazing. it's loud once you spool, but on a regular cruise, you should be good. therefore, not annoying. my car pulls quicker now and turbo response is better. Customer service wise, I first ordered the 44/45mm but had to return it due to advice of my tuner (cause I'm stock turbo still) and RSD helped me once i explained the situation. It was open box but never installed. So thankfully they helped me with it. Guys from the chat room also helped alot in answering my questions and the return process. Overall, thankful for the RSD team in helping me purchase this product. I'm not really doing pulls or anything cause I installed fuel rails and fpr, so i'm only limited for now in enjoying this product. But once the retune is done, I will update my review here. Once again, Thank you RSD and Tial. Install's a PITA.
Verified Purchase

Tial Noise
jakesti 1 year ago
This wastegate SCREAMS. I have a stock turbo, downpipe, up-pipe, and more goodies nothing too crazy like rotated. But even with a" lightly" modded car, the wastegate has a perfect pitched tone. It almost scared me when hitting boost for the first time. Great quality product.
Verified Purchase

buy this
drefke 2 years ago
Going EWG was a fantastic choice and this was the one almost everyone I know recommended. My turbo spools so much faster and the awesome scream when this thing opens gives me a huge smile every single time I get into it. Kind of a pain to install this and the up pipe and dump tube without a lift and with my not so great down pipe, but other than that all went well and smooth.

  • Q: 05 STI vf39  Ayayron 7 months ago


    Will this wastegate fit on my 05 STI. I just have a stock vf39 turbo that's been port and polished.

    • A: Yes it will but you will need a place to mount this, either the downpipe or upppipe and a wastegate bracket as well as a protune. I would consult a tuner before purchasing.

      Tyler A. 7 months ago
  • Q: 38mm or 44mm  Jey 2 years ago


    Hi, i have a 04 wrx just installed this parts recently and never tune the car yet. Has turbo back, fmic, short ram intake, turbo inlet, headers, 1000cc, 255 fuel pump, vf39, cobb accessport v3 and uppipe and going to get the uppipe with external tube and wanted to know if this part fit to it. Should i get the 38 or 44.

    • A: For a OEM turbo and typically any smaller turbo, a 38mm wastegate is ideal.

      Brady R 2 years ago
  • Q: 2011 sti   2011sti 2 years ago


    I can run a 44mm on a stock tubro with down pipe intake 1000cc feul pump and headers Will it be fine or the 38mm is better?

    • A: If setup properly you can run either one, but depending on the boost levels or your turbo plans for the future one setup may be better than the other.

      Nick S. 2 years ago
  • Q:   rmcvey42 2 years ago


    Where would you buy the cooling lines that people say you should buy for this ewg

    • A: Cooling is not a requirement but on some very high horsepower cars it can be run. Lines and fittings will have to be built by the installer and are going to be entirely custom depending on the vehicle.

      Nick S. 2 years ago
  • Q: Is it worth it....  jacob.bayles69339 3 years ago


    I have a 2007 Mazdaspeed 3, stage 1 tune with a Cobb accessport. Rebuilt stock turbo last week. Cobb cold air intake, full 3 straight pipe exhaust turbo back, with a few other goodies. Running 17psi. Would it be worth getting an EWG? And how/what would I need to get to actually be able to run the EWG on my car?

    • A: Upgrading to an EWG setup will help increase your boost control which will result in quicker spool and in most cases added hp. In order to run EWG you will need a bracket to hold your turbo's internal wastegate closed, or have a shop weld it closed. You will also need a dump tube for the wastegate, which can be custom welded into your current exhaust, or ran atmospheric. And of course, a pro tune for the EWG is required.

      Brady R. 3 years ago
Universal Product
This item is non application specific.
Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.