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Turbosmart Internal Wastegate Actuator 7psi

MODEL # TBS TS-0605-1072


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Does NOT need a tune with Cobb OTS/stock maps 3 months ago
I bought a used sti and the previous owner had an EWG installed that routed back into the stock downpipe. Everything about the car was stock except the EWG. I could not find a used internal wastegate actuator from a vf48 so I bought this with fingers crossed that it would work. I removed the EWG setup, installed a normal uppipe and an invidia downpipe. Flashed a stage 2 map with my accessport and everything worked like a charm. Boost pressure is exactly where the maps notes state it should be. Air and fuel ratios looks good. Build quality seems really good (we will see how it holds up with time).
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Easier than i thought. 3 years ago
I have a 2009 WRX and there was no bending pulling or hoping it was right. Super easy to put on and was exactly what i needed.
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Great Product 4 years ago
Couldn't be any happier with the results!!!!
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Excellent part for a great price 5 years ago
Like another reviewer stated the boost response is much quicker than the stock part. I was skeptical of how noticeable the change would be but was happily surprised. The only complaint I have is with the directions that come with it, which could have been a little more detailed. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
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Sweet! 5 years ago
Boost response is fast! Much faster than stock. Peak boost is reached much quicker. The only thing I'm not sure on is the vacuum, I never hit more than 20hg on stock but now I go to 22hg after I release the throttle then down to 20 hg if that's normal then it's perfect.
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awesome product 5 years ago
great product.easy install took about 20 mins all and all
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Awesome but not so awesome 4 years ago
So I bought this it is a good setup if you are having a weak wastegate for being stage 2 or higher on stock turbo... But doesn't help if your putting a lot more boost, a 7psi spring isn't gonna be good for 20psi boost... And the knowledge here on them is minimal... If you want to upgrade the spring on them you will have to use the small ewg springs from turbosmart they are the same ... And also when I got mine I realized when I was trying to install it, that mine never came with the little rod that holds the wastegate to the turbo flapper. So now I had to ghetto rig it with a nut, bolt and washers , not happy about that
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