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Tomei ARMS M7760 Turbo ( Part Number:TOM 173016)

Tomei ARMS M7760 Turbo - Subaru Models (inc. 2002-2007 WRX / 2004+ STI)

MODEL # TOM 173016
Manufacturer Part # 173016


MSRP: $1,490.00

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Now comes standard with the new Billet Actuator. Retains the response feel of the original stock turbo, but delivers increased power gains even at higher up in the power band range without sacrificing torque.

Includes: Turbo, Water Lines, Oil Return Lines. Gaskets, and Bolts.

Compressor Wheel: 60 Trim, 52.6mm Inlet Diameter, 68.0mm Exit Diameter Turbine Wheel: 76.9 Trim, 56.0mm Inlet Diameter, 49.1mm Exit Diameter.
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Brand: Tomei
Bearing Type: Journal Bearing
Cartridge: Tomei
Fitment: OEM Upgrade
Gaskets Included: Yes
Inlet Size: OEM
Oil Line Included: Yes
Ported Turbine Housing: No
Rated Horsepower: 380hp
Scroll: Single
Wastegate: Internal

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New Product
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Verified Purchase

tekfoc 5 years ago
HAD a blouch td06 20g 8cm for 3 yrs I absolutely hated it . the only time it shined was on the highway . this tomei is work of art ! right out the box . performance wise its awesome very very fast spool up on the street. Highway performance is fantastic. just saving for the tomei headers and cat back exhaust .I have the greddy spectrum elite exhaust now but I feel its being restrictive being its made to be more noise compliant then performance . resonator and muffler are restrictive . I made on the dyno 330hp+ and 335tq to the wheels . should be able to drastically increase power with the header and tomei exhaust . if you don't want lag this is the turbo for you . this on a 2007 sti

good turbo
sdersham99753 5 years ago
I replaced my VF34 with this turbo. we managed 341 awhp on 23 lbs of boost on a safe tune on a 2.0L
AustinMexi 2 months ago
What kind of spool times were you seeing with this turbo on the 2.0L WRX?
Verified Purchase

Tomei Wins
guest55c7338ecaae52f46090ef0e 7 years ago
Did some research and figured no one ever got this so I decided to give a try. My faith in Tomei was not misplaced. I put everything in along with tomei expreme UEL header and DW750cc. After the tune, Car is absolutely blast to drive even on 16psi. Some people were saying this is very fast spool 20g which feels like 16g spool. I'd say that is little ever extended but they spool faster than any 20g I v ever ridden in with 2.0liter. Starts spool around 3k then full boost right under 4k(this is on 2.0 NOT on 2.5) Pulls hard all the way to redline. Another interesting factor is that turbo gives me wastegate feeling even though I used actuator. Boost control is rock solid and my tuner was impressed with turbo. I guess 8cm exhaust housing and upgraded actuator is really favored couple with 2.0 motor. With recent price down, I think they are reasonably priced for the top quality and their performance. Not to mention installation was "COMPLETE" bolt on affair. I only have to bend cobb exhaust shield a bit to make actuator fit. If you want something different than everyone else, go for it
Calito76 9 months ago
With this turbo did you have to get any internals changed or a full engine build?
Calito76 9 months ago
Sorry one more question. Are you able to run full boost at safe levels or did you keep It moderate level? Did turbo change drive characteristics ? I’m sticking with tomei on my 04 sti through out the entire build. It’s a daily and street.
teppey 8 months ago
Tomei recommends boost around 1.4-1.5 bar on a stock engine for this turbo.

  • Q: Fitment  mikesherron54 3 months ago


    Do you know if this will work with the turbo xs tmic?

    • A: Since we don't sell Turbo XS we can't say for sure but I don't see why it wouldn't work in all honesty!

      Megan L. 3 months ago
  • Q: External waste gate   Kzager75 8 months ago


    Would it be better to run a 38mm EWG or a 44mm EWG for this turbo?

    • A: 38mm would probably be best but I would consult your tuner.

      Tyler A. 8 months ago
  • Q: Fuel Pump  Mar5 11 months ago


    What fuel pump would you recommend for this turbo? Running Cobb boost control Selonoid and DeatschWerks Fuel 650cc Injectors.

    • A: You will want to consult your tuner before purchasing anything.

      Tyler A. 11 months ago
  • Q: Fuel pump  Phill 2 years ago


    Was wondering if a dw65c would fit my gh8 v11wrx hatch subaru 2007

    • A: The DW65c is too large for the 02-07 housing and may require trimming for install. We typically recommend DW's DW200 fuel pump for the 02-07 platform.

      Brady R 2 years ago
  • Q: Waste gate interference   Boxer4you 2 years ago


    I'm currently running a vf39 with external waste gate (up pipe Grimmspeed). If I get this will I be able to use the bracket that GS makes or will I have to weld after I remove the internal waste gate?

    • A: The universal Grimmspeed bracket should be useable but we have not put it on this turbocharger in particular. Light modification may be required or you could fabricate a custom bracket meant specifically for this turbo.

      Nick S. 2 years ago