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Tomei ARMS MX7760 Turbo



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Tomei MX7760 - EJ205 - 355 AWHP 3 months ago
5out of 5stars

I had been in want of this turbo prior to even having the keys to my car in hand. After a year and a half wait I finally was able to pair this with a full Tomei exhaust (UEL exhaust manifold, catless up pipe, catless downpipe, and cat back exhaust). This turbo was the crown jewel to the plethora of bolt ons fitted to my ‘04 WRX. It makes just shy of 355 whp at under 19 psi on a track tune and 310 whp just under 17 psi on my daily tune. The turbo and engine are definitely capable of much more, but have been conservatively tuned. These figures are on pump 93 octane fuel, no additives. Turbo response isn’t really instant, but I blame my Perrin FMIC more than the turbo. Once in boost as long as you keep it spooled it is an absolute blast and only the fear of Johnny Law and incarceration prevent you from keeping the throttle pegged wide open. The turbo performs great and makes peak boost towards redline for a very linear feel. Honestly I easily could have purchased a Cobb 20G for nearly $500+ less, but the Tomei MX series of turbos are a work of art and for me it completes the entire exhaust system of my car.
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