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Cavalli Turbo Stage 3 Ball Bearing Turbo

Part #: CAV CTB32WRX
MSRP: This Item is no longer available.



Brand: Cavalli
Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
Cartridge: Cavalli
Fitment: OEM
Gaskets Included: Yes
Inlet Size: 3.0in
Oil Line Included: No
Ported Turbine Housing: Yes
Rated Horsepower: 580hp
Scroll: Single
Wastegate: Turbosmart Internal
Inducer / Exducer: 58mm / 56mm

Mfgr. Warranty: 18 Months
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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Cavalli turbo designed this WRX/STI drop-in turbo in house from the ground up. They have applied their Patented Triplex Ceramic Ball Bearing Billet turbo technology to this Direct Replacement Drop-In Turbo.

Their Stage 3 and Stage 4 WRX/STI turbos utilize a 3 inch compressor cover inlet. This may require some modifications to the up pipe bolt holes and/or turbo bracket to be able to clear the 3¨ intake pipe (they have tested it with the Perrin 3¨ inlet pipe) at the TGV. You may need to trim the outer TGV housing slightly. This is a tight fit for the intake pipe and the silicone will be pinched a little to fit. This is normal. They are packing a lot of power in a small space.

They chose a 58mm inducer/56mm exducer for their Stage 3 application for enthusiasts who are looking for up to a 70% increase in power.

It is recommend to use of 1000cc injectors for 91/93 octane and 1000cc or 1300cc for E85 applications. They utilize a Turbosmart wastegate actuator to help stabilize boost on this high boost application.

They do not recommend large diameter aftermarket exhaust manifolds/headers as a diameter over 1.25" drastically reduces exhaust energy and will move the power band to a normally less than desirable range for a street driven car.

Aftermarket oil lines may require a restrictor.



Cavalli stage 3 turbo on our 2015 STI
Rick C. 3 years ago
We recently installed and tuned our 2015 STI using the Cavali Stage 3 turbo and we absolutely love it! Fitment is a bit tight, which is to be expected with any stock location turbo of this size, but the fit and finish was perfect. The car made excellent power and pulls like a beast!

  • Q: Psi?   3 years ago


    How much psi can this turbo hold?

    • A: Hi Ozzie. It really depends upon the application, but the stage 3 will be most efficient up to 28lbs of boost. The 14lb actuator the Turbo is shipped with will be able to maintain 23 to 25lbs with a quality controller. Heavier springs can be added to maintain higer boost, but most customers end up running 20 to 24lbs anyway.

      CavalliTurbo 3 years ago
  • Q: Cavalli or Blouch  Wrxtacy02 3 years ago


    Between the Cavalli stage 3 and the Blouch Dom 3.0XTR, which of these turbos has a quicker spool time? I'm wanting a turbo in this power range and have a '02 WRX with a 2.5 block and all forged internals. Also, lets say I have to leave a ball in a hurry and must make it home before midnight or my carriage will turn pumpkin, of these two turbos which would you be more comfortable with to accomplish this task?

    • A: Ha ha that is a great question! Neither of those turbos are going to provide quick low end power, these turbos are going to start peak power above 4,000rpms+. If you are wanting to something more street fun go with a stage 2 Cavalli or 18g Blouch.

      guest566b370c2a8d25ff038ca65d 3 years ago
  • Q: Comparison to Dominator 1.5 XTR  Stealth Pyro 3 years ago


    Can RSD provide some feedback on how this turbo compares to a Dominator 1.5 XTR as far as size, performance, flow rate, reliability, spool, and any other specs RDS has noted? I've been curious about this turbo but cannot find much reliable customer feedback on it yet.

    • A: The Dom 1.5 with the stock size compressor cover inlet is closer to the stage 2. The stage 3 has a larger compressor wheel and comes with a 3 inch compressor cover. The 3 inch compressor cover is an option for the Dom 1.5, but the stage 3 is the next step up from the Dom 1.5 flowing more lb/min and capable of max 50 to 60 more whp than the stage 2.

      CavalliTurbo 3 years ago
  • Q: Cavalli vs ATP  aries04125 3 years ago


    How do each of these three cavalli turbos compare to the ATP line of turbos that you carry. Meaning what are the rough ATP equivalents to the stage 2 3 and 4 cavalli turbos?

    • A: The 3076 is similar to the Cavalli Stage 1, and the 3576 is right in between the Stage 3 and 4 turbos.

      Zach G. 3 years ago
    • A: The stage 1 is close to a GT28 series. The stage 2 has a slightly smaller compressor wheel than the GT3071, the stage 3 has a slightly larger compressor wheel than the GT3071, the stage 4 is close in comparison to a GT35.

      CavalliTurbo 3 years ago
  • Q: Oil Lines  shane.m.smith9804288 4 years ago


    Hey just purchased this turbo was wondering what I need to do as far as oil lines. I am replacing an APS SR56 Turbo that required an oil restrictor to the ball bearing turbo. I don't want to starve or blow a seal on my new shiny turbo :). What does this turbo require? Thanks!

    • A: All these Cavalli turbos will use the standard OEM oil lines.

      guest55fc85a42a8d25a9578b4ffe 4 years ago
    • A: Hi Shane. Stock oil lines and banjo bolts are preferred. You can use a stainless line, but please make sure you do not use a restrictor as our turbos are internally restricted.

      CavalliTurbo 4 years ago