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Blouch TD06H-20GXT Billet 8cm^2



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Awesome turbo 2 years ago
My car is a pretty similar setup to the review below mine, very similar power levels as well, and I am just as happy with it! 07 Subaru Impreza WRX TR - Power mods: Stock motor and 5 speed - Cobb AccessPort V3 - Blouch TD06H 20G-XT 8cm w/ oil feed line - Tial 44mm EWG - GrimmSpeed up pipe w/ EWG port - GrimmSpeed divorced catted downpipe - Blitz NUR Spec R catback - 06 STi TMIC - Cobb adjustable WG bracket - Cobb EBCS w/ 1/4" EWG boost line kit - Cobb SF intake and airbox - Cobb 1000cc injectors -Walbro 342 pump - This turbo absolutely loves to make power in the mid to top end on the 2.5L, without sacrificing too much spool up. It made 340 WHP and 330 WTQ at 18 psi on the Mustang dyno at Cobb Surgeline. We capped it at those levels to maintain some reliability out of the stock motor and transmission, but you could absolutely tell that the turbo is only beginning to get into its sweet spot at 18 psi(many people run these at 22-25 psi on E85 or meth injection and reach 400+ WHP). Chris at Cobb Surgeline turned the car and really provided a beautiful, smooth out the power band! Once it reaches full boost at around 4200 RPM, she screams all the way to 7000 RPM without missing a single beat. 70 MPH in 3rd gear now feels like 2nd gear did(stage 2) at about 30 MPH(except it holds that thrust until redline and beyond instead of falling off). Driveability around town, while not having the low end slam-into-full-boost feeling that the TD04 had, is now very smooth and feels like an N/A engine with low boost(under 10 psi). With these bigger turbos, you don't need as much boost to make the same power as a smaller turbo. My one and only issue with this turbo is that the compressor outlet is not "offset" enough and ends causing the turbo-to-IC hose to interfere with the throttle by wire connector on 06+ WRX, causing the connector for the throttle to push into the intake hose. I was able fix this for the most part by grinding a good amount of the corner off of the connector and then patch it up with sillicone to keep the wiring safe.
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Love this turbo 6 years ago
I am totally happy with my 20G-XT. I did find that it spooled slightly later than my VF39 stock turbo. We then did TGV deletes and made a huge difference on spool. Followed up later with Killer B equal length headers and WOW! spools better than stock and has tons more mid and top end hp!
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awesome !!!!! 7 years ago
so far this is the best turbo i ever had !!!! really strong built great metal ore, should last a lot of time !!! it develops power real fast and steady..... so far iam 100% satisfy
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350whp on 06WRX Wagon 3 years ago
Long story short i installed this on my 06 WRX wagon when my stock turbo went out. After install had it tuned by Fastech Motorsports in east TN and WOW. Overall I am very satisfied by this turbo! Boost comes on late as expected but when it finally starts to boooooost its like a rocket ship! Made 342awhp on this turbo and had room to go higher! My specs: -Blouch TD06 20GXT Turbo -Catless Invidia Downpipe -Blitz Nur Spec R Cat back -TGV Deletes -Air Pump Delete -Walbro 255 Fuel Pump -Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors -Perrin FMIC + Perrin Short RAM intake + Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose -Stock BOV -Stock Upipe
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Super smooth all the way to 7300 RPM! 5 years ago
Unreal turbo, safe tune and only 18psi boost and hit 340whp on 91 octane. Boost never tapered down which was odd but nice to have. The rubber hose on it did split though and turbo has only been on my car for 500km's. :( Next mods-FMIC, meth.
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Great turbo - Unusual Fitment on my Car 7 years ago
Love the turbo so far, spools up slightly slower than VF39 but has amazing mid to high power range all the way to redline. On my car there was an issue where part of the actual housing on the cold side had to be slightly ground down to fit, but maybe it was a fluke. Its all good now and I highly recommend getting a stainless braided oil line... functions great and looks pretty =)
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Blouch TD06H-20GXT Billet 8cm^2 (Part Number: )
Blouch TD06H-20GXT Billet 8cm^2 (Part Number: )
Blouch TD06H-20GXT Billet 8cm^2 (Part Number: )
Blouch TD06H-20GXT Billet 8cm^2 (Part Number: )
Blouch TD06H-20GXT Billet 8cm^2 (Part Number: )