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Blouch TD06H-20GXT-R Billet Ball Bearing Turbo 8cm^2



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EXACTLY what I needed  8 months ago
After ditching a very dated and abused vf39, this turbo paired with an ETS top mount, id 1050cc injectors and an amazing tuner ( Mike @ PIA Tacoma ) we were able to manage to squeeze a very respectable 410whp out of this turbo at only 22psi with peak boost at 2950rpm. I’m still on stock internals and did not want to go further, but the turbo showed zero signs of running out of breath any time soon.
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Excellent turbo! 4 years ago
I have a 2006 wrx with an sti drivetrain swap, this turbo, Perrin turbo inlet hose, K&N intake, Grimmspeed Uppipe w/ EWG 40mm, Godspeed Catless Downpipe, 3in CNT Catback Exhaust, Perrin EL Headers, ID 1300cc fuel injectors, Walbro 255 fuel pump, Turbo XS 50/50 BOV, Turbo XS FMIC, Grimmspeed EBC. Out the box, it is a great looking turbo, almost feel bad to put it in. Install was easy and everything fit right. Had the car taken to Cobb Tuning in Plano, TX. Put down 359 hp to the wheels with 379 lb ft of torque. Running 17.5 psi on E85. Very quick spool up and once it kicks in, puts you in the back of seat. Would definitely recommend this turbo to anyone looking to make safe, good power on stock internals.
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5k Mile Update 4 years ago
The more I run this car, the more I love this turbo. I have yet to explore the limits of this beast. Currently running on an 06 STi with water meth, 850cc inj, EL headers, 3 turbo back, 2011 STi intercooler, factory air box with K&N drop in filter. It easily pushes 23-24psi all the way to redline with WGDC's around 60% on a gm 3 port. I was even able to advance the timing a few extra degrees up top. I am confident that this turbo has enough flow to overrun what my stock block will be able to handle. This will be ideal for when I build my destroked 2.4L
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They've made it better.  4 years ago
I just got one of these this week. After reading the past reviews, I feel it is necessary to write an update. -They increased the length of the outlet on the compressor side (so now your stock stuff should hook up without any additional parts). -It comes in a very nicely finished black powder coat. It really is beautiful. -I'm not sure if they've increased the wastgate size, but I haven't remapped from my 16G yet and the boost is very predictable, no creep and no spikes. It does spool slightly later, but not bad at all. I cannot wait to start tuning for this thing. -I also ran into the intercooler issue, which I resolved by using a bolt that was a half inch longer and putting an extra nut on the back side of the intercooler bracket. No extra hoses, plenty of clearance. -Many of these reviews are older. They have increased the compressor wheel flow rate since. This should be at least on par with the 20G XT now.
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Great upgrade 5 years ago
2006 STi with this Blouch 20G turbo, TurboXS FMIC, DW 740cc's, Walbro 255 pump, GrimmSpeed EBCS, Cobb AP Pro tuned by MillerSpec in LV, Nevada, HKS RS intake, Samco inlet, Invidia EL headers, GrimmSpeed 38mm EWG up pipe, Invidia V2 DP, and Invidia N1 race CBE. This turbo feels much better when compared to the VF39, lots more useable power and a broader powerband. Quick spool up and hits hard clear to redline. Install was not bad, minor issues and took maybe 2 hours from start to finish. Great upgrade and definitely would recommend to anyone looking to upgrade.
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Yeeeessss !!!! 7 years ago
Purchased this for my client's 2003 Subaru Forester XT (EJ20). This turbo is the second brand new turbo he has had to install in the past 2 months. The first was bought from a (as we have painfully come to realise) allegedly reputable but far from it in our opinion company. I'd rather not say who they are cough cough, but that turbo lasted all of 3 minutes into the test drive after which they denied warranty coverage saying it was our fault. Nice.... We decided to go with a ball bearing application next, found this one and WOW !! are we pleased with the performance. It takes a wee bit longer to spool than our stocker, but when it does, hold on to your knickers. It's like night and day. We didn't encounter any major issues with the install. Fitment was definitely tighter but nothing major had to be done with the exception of a slight modification to the supplied oil feed line on the engine side. The supplied line was not able to thread unto the engine side oil supply fitting, so we cut the stock fitting off the old oil feed line and welded it unto an adaptor. Problem solved. Not sure if this will apply to all EJ20's as this Forester is a right hand drive model from Japan. All in all, worth every penny.
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Good turbo! Not far off stock response. 7 years ago
I have a 2010 sti with minimal mods. Perrin intake, invidia q300 tbe, DW 720's and a walbro 255. The car feels pretty good, I can light all four of my 265's in the rain so the car is making good power. A couple of things to note if you want to buy this turbo: -As shendric89124 said, the stock intercooler does not fit with the coolant line. Minimal modification is required to make it fit. -The stock red 90 degree coupler on the stock intercooler will not fit with this turbo. It is not long enough and will not reach. -The stock boost solenoid setup is not adequate to control boost. It worked alright, but boost spiking is common and you need to drill out the restrictor pill. I just paid $30 and got a GM 3 port solenoid and it works great. If you want something really quality then I recommend the grimmspeed solenoid since its just plug and play. -I contacted blouch and they recommend running 18-22 psi on pump gas with this turbo. They say some run up to 26 with the proper fuel and meth. -The only other problem is that the damn thing is so pretty you wont want to put it on the car! Blouch really know how to make a quality turbo. All in all its a good turbo. Just be aware that the 20g xt makes MORE power than the xtr. I didn't even notice that when I was making the purchase. But the xtr obviously spools faster. If i had my time back I may have gotten a 1.5xtr or a 2.0 xtr. Id like a bit more power but I just don't want to sacrifice the response.
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good except for the coolant feed tube doesnt fit with intercooler 7 years ago
great looking turbo, produces massive power and installs rather easily and comes with everything you need to install. my only issue was the top coolant line that runs over the compressor inlet would not work with the intercooler on top.. the tube made clearance issues and the intercooler wouldnt on correctly. An easy fix I did was just rotate that fitting 180 degrees so its facing backwards and then ran some heater hose from the fitting around back to where it was supposed to go. other than that, great piece
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