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Blouch TD05H-18GXT Billet Turbo 8cm^2



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Great turbo 3 years ago
Installed this turbo after my OEM unit took a crap. Installed it on my Forester XT without issue I would recommend aftermarket hoses because the outlet of the the compressor side is not polished and is difficult to install the OEM intercooler hose on it. Otherwise, great turbo. I have been running the Cobb economy tune because of not having the accompanying add-ons. A++++++
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06 wrx 4 years ago
if you are looking to boost up your car a lot, get this turbo! i have this turbo, 850cc, front mount, 3port ebcs, straight pipe, bigger up-pipe, and i got a protune. i got 370 awhp and 405 wheel torque. my tuner said that this turbo has so much more potential, I just did this much because i didnt want to blow my tranny pulling out of my tuner. but damn this turbo is awesome
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great quality 4 years ago
I haven't run this turbo yet, still in the building stage, but this is a great looking turbo. The quality in this turbo looks top notch. I plan on bolting the waste gate closed and running a EWG. I was pleased to see the turbo was either painted black or ceramic coated black when I got it, was not expecting that. A great bonus.
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Ecellent once you get it to fit. 7 years ago
Good quality with a nice and smooth power delivery, I got 225lb/ft and 330hp at 15.5psi at the wheels. Bad fitment, the coolant inlet pipe had to be turned and bent to avoid being crushed against the engine. I was too careful and did not tighten the coolant banjo bolt enough so I had to find a leak. With the 8-cm hot side it is a top end “highway” turbo on a 2.5l WRX, results may be different on an STI. With my limited boost requirements a 7-cm hot side would have been fine for quicker spool and similar power, possibly at a higher psi. I like the “careful” way the boost happens and the top end that makes 6500-RPM worth visiting when someone thinks they are faster on an open stretch of road.
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love it 8 years ago
i have this turbo on my 06 wrx (300whp/330wtq). i have a different blouch on my evo x (400whp/360wtq). great turbos. close to stock spool, great power and pull. highly recommend blouch turbos... couldnt be happier.
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Great quality turbo! 2 years ago
This will be my 3rd year running this turbo without any issues.
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