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Blouch Dominator 1.5XT-R 10cm^2 Twin Scroll JDM Turbo



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OBX turbo  25 days ago
5out of 5stars

Installed this turbo on a JDM 2.0. in a 2005 Outback. This turbo is a replacement for VF36. I had a VF38. Do your research and have the tools an ability to make fit... Won’t fit stock intercooler. Need a Grimm Speed cooler, turn the compressor housing, build brackets to fit waste gate, mod turbo support brace. Once all the mods and fitted, this turbo turns on, will spool up to 16psi very fast and smooth. Worth the price and work if twin scroll is your jam. I’ll add some photos once I get the car back from the tuner.!
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Blouch Twin Scroll on JDM 5 years ago
5out of 5stars

Very good stock location turbo for those lucky enough to have access to JDM models. I switched this from my stock twin scroll VF49 and made over 100+whp extra. Lag is minimal, good stock location turbo that won't over tax a non built engine. Dyno here:
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Good Turbo, very responsive, great if used with e85, Poorly thought out 5 years ago
4out of 5stars

I purchased a blouch 1.5xtr twinscroll to use in conjunction with my spec c manifold, uppipe and down pipe which is mandatory for this turbo. Moore performance also makes a twinscroll mani, uppipe and dp to use with this turbo but too pricey for my taste. My setup is as follows: 1.5xtr stock inlet size/no coating/turbo blanket process west tmic ID 1300 w/ rails/lines 05 STi engine ej257 with drop in CP pistons the rest is stock Tuned on pump 93 What I was wanting was a very responsive turbo with minimal lag. Something that works well on a daily driver platform but could still shine at the track. This turbo with my setup put down 358/415 on a dynojet at TopSpeed motorsports. It would have easily put down over 400whp on e85. The engine was making globs of torque right over 3k and is perfectly suited for roads like the tail of the dragon! The NUMBER ONE problem that was noticed by the tuner was that the hotside of the turbo was just too restrictive to touch into the higher numbers (400) on pump. The spec c manifold/uppipe/downpipe hurts the exhaust flow greatly and was building too much back pressure to really let the turbo breathe. Is this a bad turbo? NO Is this the best stock location turbo? NO but truly depends on your goals If you're looking to reach into the 400s on pump just go rotated.. If you're wanting a very responsive stock location turbo that has the ability to make great power over 400wheel on e85 or race fuel then this is it. If you have the extra coin to spend I highly suggest picking up the Moore Performance manifold/upipe/downpipe.
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480 bhp? 12 months ago
3out of 5stars

Ive just installed this turbo into my my06 specC. I have made 320whp. Ive got 1000cc ID, 450lph gas pump, 3inch downpipe all the way down and boost control. Because ive got my OEM MAF and OEM ECU i cant go upper than 20PSI (more psi, higher voltage). How much PSI i need to achieve 350whp on gas only? i dont use E85 thank you
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