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Blouch Dominator 1.5XT-R 10cm^2 Ceramic Coated Turbo



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Noticeable lag but great turbo overall 2 years ago
5out of 5stars

I was torn between this turbo or Tomei M7760, I didn't want to sacrifice drivability over power. These turbo has the same turbine size (56.5mm) but the 1.5XT-R uses bigger compressor 71mm over 68mm. From what I read the 10cm is better suited for the 2.5L, while 2.0L engine would be better off using the 8cm. My car is a 2011 Subaru WRX STi on a stock engine with various supporting modification. It has noticeable lag, the ball bearing helps reducing the lag to around 300 rpm for the same HP before 4000 RPM and pull away all the way afterwards and raise the top HP around 50 HP on a Dyno Dynamics.
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2010 WRX stock block and tranny, e85 @ 24psi 5 years ago
5out of 5stars

Running this turbo with a PW TMIC, and FIC 1100 injectors and hitting 86% on duty cycle. 24 Psi is where the MAF reached its limit and a 4 bar map sensor is needed to go beyond that and a speed density tune would be utilized from there. Ok, so I got the 10cm2 housing and the housing ceramic coated...I'm hitting full boost at 3800 RPM with Tomei UEL thermal wrapped headers, catless Invidia DP (also wrapped) and a turbo blanket. Not going to lie, it spools a bit faster of course on a stock VF52, but this turbo still spools quick with and holds the boost to least to 23.5psi by 7k which is nice. As I said, stock block and tranny, running South Bend 550lb ft 4 puck clutch (sprung) You will NEVER have enough power and never be satisfied, but if you could be, this is a great turbo. I'm putting down somewhere just north of 400/400 on a Mustang Dyno with this setup and closer to 480hp Dynojet. I knew that stock block/tranny, this turbo was about as much as I could get away with. Beyond these power levels, you're looking at a build due to the head studs failing typically around 25psi or so. E85 solves the ringland problem best I can tell at these boost levels though, and jury still out on the tranny, but I don't use FFS or launch control...but even then, I wouldn't feel comfortable going beyond these power levels. A good stopping point really to keep things within budget. Happy Boosting everyone!
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Conservatively tuned on e85 427hp437tq 6 years ago
5out of 5stars

Great turbo. Spools decently. I haven't datalogged to see when it's hitting full boost, but floor it at 4k and this turbo pulls HARD. I have this on my 2010 WRX. When I went to get it tuned, I was told about the limitations of my setup. Ring Lands, Head Studs, and OEM tranny are all holding me back from this turbo's true potential which I was told by the shop could throw down 500lb ft tq on e85. Running it with a target boost of 23psi with gobs of ignition timing. Frankly, if you're on 91 octane, this isn't the turbo for you. On 93, it get's 10% more hp/tq than 91. But e85 is where this turbo is at. And even then, I feel I'm not utilizing it's full potential. I'm almost thinking I should have gotten the 18G ball bearing Blouch for even quicker spool and would have less peak power, but maybe I might have been happier? Don't get me wrong, I love the rush, but I really think I need a few more PSI to really wake up this turbo and have it hitting hard. But, the cost to swap out pistons, head studs, and a tranny swap is just not worth getting another 50lb ft. Moral of the story...aim a little smaller with the 2.5L WRX. If you have an STi, go for it. Your trans is already up to the task, and a few extra thousand tidying up the ring land and head stud issue can get this turbo performing where it should be. BUt, at that point, maybe the next step up to the 2.5XTR or 3.0 might be in order? Ok, thx for listening.
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Great turbo. Spools decently and pulls hard 4 years ago
4out of 5stars

Great turbo. Spools decently and pulls hard Installed on a JDM EJ207 Should have bought the Blouch TD05H-18GXT Billet Turbo 8cm^2 for even better turbo response
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