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Blouch Dominator 1.5XT-R 10cm^2 Turbo ( Part Number:BLC DOM1.5XT)

Blouch Dominator 1.5XT-R 10cm^2 Turbo - Subaru Models (inc. 2002-2007 WRX / 2004+ STI)

Manufacturer Part # DOM1.5XT


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Investing in a larger turbo as well as supporting mods is one of the best power upgrades you could buy. Blouch is the leader in turbo development; they consistently build the best turbo's. The new XT-R line of turbos from Blouch consists of a billet compressor wheel to optimize the aerodynamics of a turbo and increase compressor flow within the same inducer geometry.

All of this combined with Garrett GT turbine and full ball bearing technology to produce a complete bolt-on package that includes stainless steel turbo oil feed line and steel oil drain tube and coolant lines. Adjustable upgrade actuator is standard issue on the 1.5XT-R and is pre-calibrated to operate at 15 PSI unless otherwise specified. The 1.5XT-R has a 56mm turbine to promote better spool up and a better overall turbo.

Included with this turbocharger will be the coolant and oil drain pipes, along with a stainless steel oil feed line along with new gaskets and hardware to make this turbocharger ready for the installation. 

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Brand: Blouch
Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
Cartridge: Garrett
Exhaust Housing Size: 10cm
Fitment: OEM Upgrade
Gaskets Included: Yes
Inlet Size: OEM
Oil Line Included: Yes
Ported Turbine Housing: Yes
Rated Horsepower: 480hp
Scroll: Single
Wastegate: Internal

Mfgr. Warranty: 6 months / 6,000 miles
Condition: New Product
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Holy Hell I Own A Rocket Ship!!
mattman13921634 2 years ago
Balls to the wall fast as all hell!!! I installed this with a set of 1300cc IDs and WOW. Talk about the missing link in my STi. The install wasn't too bad.. Although I'm still surprised how it all fit back together haha. One of the nuts that secures the turbo to the up-pipe (the stock nut that is below the wg connecting rod) wouldn't thread right on, the housing was too large (or not machined enough to allow clearance for the nut). I got the nut on eventually tho.. Just have to lift the turbo so the stud from the up-pipe was just barely protruding, maybe 2 or so threads, just enough to get the nut threaded on. As you screw the nut down, keep the turbo lifted up (so as little of the stud is exposed as possible) and you should be good. One of the nuts on the bolt & nut combo from the turbo to dp didn't fit as well. I had to shave a small amount of the nut off to allow clearance.. Damn that turbine housing is huge!!! And the real kicker... The coolant feed line (if you have the new Dom compressor housing that is power coated black) interferes with the TMIC. There are a few ways to fix this.. I used a pipe cutter and took about 1.5" off the end of the coolant feed line and got a new radiator hose. You can also put a spacer on the passenger side intercooler mount(sandwiched between the IC and bracket); this will lift the IC out of the way and let you get everything fully seated. (you'll need a good sized spacer, probably 1/2" spacer and will require a new bolt for the passenger side IC). Once it's installed you'll be happy. It's such a strong turbo and can by all means get you the power you're looking for. Need to max your stock block out.. This does it perfectly!!!! P.S. Once you install this.. You car becomes a low-orbit rocket ship! (photos are of turbo before coolant feed line modified, side by side of vf48(stock 13 STi) and the Dom 1.5xt-r and last is the fit with a TMIC without a spacer and the modified coolant feed line).


Awesome product!!
casey 4 years ago
I recently upgraded from my 20g to this turbo pushing the same amount of boost I made an additional 60 whp. Well worth the money!
Verified Purchase

Minor Fitment issues
calebbragg89396 5 years ago
Great Product, Just be prepared to customize your boost lines because the nipples on the turbo are located in different spots than the stock turbo. I also had to add an extra copper crush washer on the banjo bolt coming off the block to space out the turbo oil feed line so it wouldn't leak. As for a new silicone elbow the stock one works but only goes on 1/2 in. I'm only using my stock tmic for the break in period.
Verified Purchase

Great turbo but you need to tell the details
lekase29082 5 years ago
This turbo is fantastic, the gaskets set it comes with is very high quality as with the oil line and oil line adapters for the STI and WRX. The problem is to fit this turbo with any top mount intercooler you need a longer (2 ID) 90° silicone elbow that connect the turbo to the y pipe. If you have a 90° elbow that fits any VF turbo it will be ~1 to short, and you will be left waiting for a elbow to come in to finish your car. When you get the turbo get a long leg 90° elbow like a 150mm leg Venair elbow.

  • Q: What do i need  nathen 15 days ago


    Besides bigger injectors and a better fuel pump, what else shpuld i get to put this turbo on my 04 sti? Im working on a process west top mount also.

    • A: I would look at upgrading the up and down pipes, catback, upgrade the blow off/recirc valve. You are going to need a pro tune.

      Devan M. 14 days ago
  • Q: Wastegate Internal Spring  teppey 4 months ago


    What is the internal wastegate spring pressure?

    • A: This turbo has a 15 psi internal wastegate spring.

      Marcus E. 2 months ago
  • Q: blouch dom 1.5xt-3  Johnny 8 months ago


    1. Do you need to do TGV delete to fit this turbo 2. Is the compressor Inlet 3 inch?

    • A: You do not NEED TGV deletes with this however, it would make a big difference in air flow. The inlet size on this turbo is OEM and not 3.

      Megan L. 8 months ago
  • Q: Blouch Dom 1.5 XT-R  2016 STi 9 months ago


    What kind of numbers with all the supporting mods can be expected from this turbo running E85 on my 16' STi? I have a full exhaust from the engine back already, flex fuel package, intake with turbo inlet, 1050 cc injectors, 425 lph fuel pump, Front mount intercooler, TGV deletes, and maybe some more I am forgetting at the moment.

    • A: You will need to consult your tuner for accurate HP numbers.

      Tyler A. 9 months ago
  • Q: Turbo pressure  Bencwj 2 years ago


    How high can this turbo boost? Is 2.0 bar possible?

    • A: This turbo would probably reach peak efficiency around 23-25 Psi.

      Chris W. 2 years ago