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Invidia Uppipe



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Invidia Uppipe ( Part Number: HS02SW1UPP)
Invidia Uppipe ( Part Number: HS02SW1UPP)
Invidia Uppipe ( Part Number: HS02SW1UPP)
Invidia Uppipe ( Part Number: HS02SW1UPP)
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Invidia uppipe 3 years ago
I Installed the invidia catless uppipe on my 2005 Forester XT. The pipe fit flawlessly was simple to install after removing the old catted pipe( not so easy). Installed along with a larger top mount intercooler (STI) there is a noticeable power increase and a slight sound increase. Came with some cool decals. Great product for the price.
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Great product, fast shipping 3 years ago
I love this uppipe, looks great, fits perfect, bought the grimmspeed gaskets to go with it. Pretty painless install. Highly recommended
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Great quality up pipe 4 years ago
I had previously installed an 06 STI up pipe on my 02 WRX so I didn't have any problems installing this Invidia pipe. Once the motor is jacked up there is lots of clearance. Installed 7 months ago and still going strong with tons of abuse. Only problem I see is that the inlet is larger than the fire ring on the gasket, but I haven't experienced any leakage yet.
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PIA to Install but worth it 4 years ago
The spool up time is much more quicker with this
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Exactly what it is 4 years ago
It's a pipe really, that's all. Fair enough price considering. The welds look really nice and does it's job just as intended. Increased turbo spool is always good and no more risk of an old cat going through your turbo. I have been running mine for almost a year now, daily driven, and have not experienced any problems. I suggest getting the Grimmspeed gaskets to match when you install.
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Very happy 4 years ago
This is a quality pipe. The threads were good, and O2 cap and studs went in easy. Fitment was very good. Definately worth the 4 hours to install. This with GS gaskets= happy customer.
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Great uppipe 4 years ago
Great uppipe. The fittment wasn't the best and it took awhile to get it in but I haven't had a issue with it. Make sure to plug the CO2 bung if yours doesn't have a bung. I forgot to plug mine and consequently car sounded like a wind up toy till I fixed it.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
great quality!  4 years ago
Awesome invidia as usual. Great quality and the car sounds just a tad bit meaner. I was happy to remove the stock death cat as well. Pain of an install but slightly better throttle response even without a tune.
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Great product 4 years ago
Got this along with Grimmspeed gaskets. Nice clean piece with good looking welds. It came with all 5 studs and installation was trivial with the engine out of the car. I was even pleasantly surprised that the bung came with a bolt pre-installed so I didn't even have to search out the correct size for that. Well done Invidia and RSD! Turbo response definitely seems better (within the limits of my notoriously inaccurate butt dyno) and I like the slightly louder turbo whine.
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Love Invidia parts 4 years ago
The install on this part is tedious but not difficult. It will require jacking the engine ever so slightly. If you have a few friends though two guys can push the engine up just enough for the oem up pipe to come out. This mod did throw a CEL for me but it was easily defeated with my AccessPort. My only concern: This up pipe has the O2 sensor bung but the stock up pipe on my '08 did not have an O2 sensor on it. I plugged the bung on the new part and it's not a problem. Just a concern about the compatibility.
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Indivia up pipe 5 years ago
Awesome upgrade. The fitment of this up pipe on my 03 wrx was perfect. Literally did not fight me one bit. Highly recommend this!
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Perfect  5 years ago
Slow Bugeye
This up pipe is the best for the price! Fits like oem, and it leaves more space than oem. The o2 sensor also fits well. Overall, I highly recommend this up-pipe!
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Worth Every Penny 5 years ago
Just installed this last week (with Invidia V3 Downpipe and Apexi N1 cat back) and I love it! Very easy to install and a noticeable difference in sound and spooling of turbo (stock). The hardest part was taking off the stock uppipe and header, after they were off only took a couple minutes to get Invidia uppipe on! Also shipping was on point! Got two day shipping over Christmas/New Years holiday weekend to HAWAII and it came right when they said it would! I am very pleased with the all around experience and am planning on buying headers from!
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Fit nicely on my baja 5 years ago
Just installed this on my 2006 Baja. Fit very nice. i wish there was a Cobb tuner for my Baja but i guess ill have to take it in to get it tuned. runs nicely on the stock tune to add.
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Amazing difference In Spool Time. 5 years ago
You don't really notice any power gains, but the minute I got this installed on my 2003 WRX you could immediately feel the difference in spool time. Great Quality, It took a little bit to get it fitted right but it's well worth it. 5 stars for sure! :)
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Invidia Catless Uppipe 5 years ago
Great product if your looking to gain a little quicker acceleration and quicker turbo spool. Fitment was great, tilting the motor made installation a lot easier. Thanks rsd!
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Perfect Fit (but no EGT plug) 5 years ago
Fit perfectly on my 05 wrx includes all studs; however, this doesn't include an egt plug for some reason.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Don't listen to the bad reviews. (2005 FXT) 5 years ago
My Invidia uppipe came with all 5 studs for mounting to the turbo, it was properly threaded for the EGT sensor and fit like a dream with my grimmspeed gaskets. A+ Invidia and RSD
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Great Purchase 6 years ago
I ordered this uppipe not really expecting any performance difference, just wanting to remove the catalytic converter prior to the turbo. I was surprised to feel such an increase in power and drive-ability. If you aren't fortunate enough to have a lift to use, this will probably be a difficult task to tackle. The pipe I received came with all the hardware I needed except the gaskets.
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up pipe . 6 years ago
i noticed a lower spool time . all in all it was a grate buy . but it didnt come with all the nuts and bolts it just came with the two that connected the up pipe to the header. with caused a slight headache . but all in all not too bad.
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perfect fitment 8 years ago
fitment on this thing is just plug snap and on(100% perfecT). Bending, and weldings are mendral bend and laser/robot welded. Quality is simply unmatched. I have only seen handful of exhaust product which can top out this one.
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 8 years ago
Tyler S.
Have installed two of these on different cars, fitment was great as usual, flanges are HUGE. Get all new gaskets when doing this, the old gaskets are generally not re-usuable at all. Design is good, EGT bung has to be plugged, not too hard just find the right bolt and cut it down to size, red loctite and a washer and you're set. Overall an awesome product, if I were to do it again I would use the same pipe, Invidia is awesome for exhaust parts, Highly Recommend.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Quality part! Just needs to be cleaned first 2 years ago
Recently got this uppipe, and my first impressions were great! Very good-looking part that is very solid, with nice welds, and just all-around great build. Like other reviewers have mentioned, there was a lot of residue on the inside of the pipe. I just got a dollar store toilet brush, dipped it in soapy water and went to town. Ran a thick cotton rag through the pipe a few times, and voila: shiny interior! Kind of weird that Invidia wouldn't clean out the inside after fabrication, but it is seriously an easy fix. Other than some locked-up nuts on the DP (get out the PB Blaster!), the install was not too hard- took me around 1.5 hours total, and that was with a trip to Lowes to buy a replacement socket. Even though my OEM uppipe didnt have the pre-cat that I was told it did, the new pipe has a slightly bigger ID, and can move more air through it. I can tell that the turbo spools a little bit earlier than before. Overall, not a huge performance boost, but definitely a solid piece that is build really well!
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Great unit 5 years ago
I was very happy with the up pipe. To anyone buying this (or any up pipe), make sure you get the gaskets for both ends of the up pipe AND the gaskets for the exhaust manifold. I didn't realize you have to drop the exhaust manifold to get the up pipe off/on, and replacing the gaskets is good insurance. Luckily it's easy enough to find replacement gaskets at NAPA. The only other issue I had is that I think the studs for the up pipe are longer than stock. I had removed the bracket above turbo oil feed banjo bolt when I removed the stock up pipe, but it wouldn't go back in place with the Invidia up pipe without dropping it first.
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Great product for my 2013 WRX sedan Premium...but... 5 years ago
Great product, awesome finish. Used the Titanium heat wrap to wrap it up as well. I installed it with the Invidia downpipe and connected it to my Invidia dual N1 cat back. Keep in mind that you will probably have to remove the exhaust manifold in order to remove the old uppipe and replace it with this one. This means you will need to purchase new gaskets (preferably) for the manifolds. We found that out while attempting to remove the uppipe. Luckily the local autozone had one set of gaskets for my car left and I was able to get it. That is the only reason why I give it 4 stars (I would have liked a forewarning). Then again, I am not really mechanically inclined so... But if you are removing the manifolds/headers anyway, then you will be just fine. I will eventually purchase a crosspipe. Hoping Invidia will make one.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Not for 2011 WRX?  4 years ago
Very well made product, install went well except for the fact that the EGT sensor on my 2011 WRX hatch is on the exhaust manifold, not the up-pipe. I ended up having to run to the hardware store for a bolt to plug up the EGT bung. Had I realized this before ordering, I would have gone with a pipe without this bung.
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0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3 stars 6 years ago
Pantelis Oryettas
Purchase this product. No screws inside no gaskets reg quality is good. i have to fit in car in order to see if this pulls turbo down. if this upipe is no exact oem replacement i will totally be unhappy....
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won't just increase acceleration pull 7 years ago
I installed this along with the catless down pipe, and 4 months later when I had to replace the clutch, I had found out that the two exhaust pieces were too short. Invidia was wrong on their numbers (not by a lot) but since the turbo is on a amount, it pulled the turbo down and covered a bolt needed to be removed in order to drop the transmission.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Warped flanges on turbo and header side.  2 years ago
Used this for a 2 years. I wouldn't really recommend it. I found warped flanges on both sides of the uppipe and one of the studs fell out.
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Was fine.... 4 years ago
Installed this 2-3 years ago and everything matched up just fine. Recently noticed a loss of power and rough idle and figured a gasket had blown, got under the car to have a look and the uppipe had cracked all the way around the weld at the flange to mount up to the exhaust manifold. Highly recommend getting an uppipe with a flange, like the Grimmspeed. Gave 2 stars as it did last a couple of years, but this is not an install you want to be doing more than once.
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Invidia Uppipe (Part Number: )
Invidia Uppipe (Part Number: )
Invidia Uppipe (Part Number: )
Invidia Uppipe (Part Number: )