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GrimmSpeed Ceramic Coated 38/40mm V-Band External Wastegate Uppipe

MODEL # GRM 059002


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GrimmSpeed Ceramic Coated 38/40mm V-Band External Wastegate Uppipe ( Part Number: 059002)
GrimmSpeed Ceramic Coated 38/40mm V-Band External Wastegate Uppipe ( Part Number: 059002)
Great for now, or later. 2 years ago
Kent C.
Do I have an EWG setup? Not yet, no. But I plan on getting it on there once I can go bigger. In the meantime, while I wait, I have this plugged with one of the GrimmSpeed block-off plates. It's awesome because the hard part of replacing the up-pipe is already done! It fits great, and the black finish on it perfectly matches all of my other GrimmSpeed ceramic-coated exhaust parts. If you're considering going EWG at all, just buy it and block it now, then go EWG once you hit that point. Oh, and don't forget that GrimmSpeed was awesome enough to include all the needed gaskets and hardware so you don't have to spend on that, too, which is nice.
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Awesome Grimmspeed quality 3 years ago
Grimmspeed did an awesome job with this product. They include all hardware and gaskets that you need which is just awesome! Install wasn't too bad, how the dump tube clears the transmission or downpipe depends on what angle the wastage itself is installed on the downpipe. No complaints, love it.
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Beautiful piece 3 years ago
This thing is freaking gorgeous. It fits like a glove, the only issue being the added thickness from the coating around the v-band flanges. Grimmspeed, if you're reading this, mask them off during coating! Install was kind of a pain, but I expect this kind of stuff to be (and we Subaru enthusiasts are a special kind of masochist). Spool is quicker, the dump sounds amazing through my Tial MV-S 38mm EWG, and my tuner loves the improvement it made in boost control. Butt dyno feels like it picked up some power as well. Just remember to order some exhaust manifold gaskets because you'll need to pull that whole assembly down to do the install.
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Dump tube  4 years ago
Great product not to hard to install but make sure you have enough clearance with the dump tube from the cv axle boot and can't stress it enough make sure you heat wrap the dump tube all In all install when smooth except for the dump tube burning a hole in the cv axle boot
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Little extra edge 4 years ago
Theo K
Solved boost creep once and for good. Inspected upon receiving and nothing was questionable at all. Did toss it in the sink and get all the grit out of it though.
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Worth Every Penny 6 years ago
As well as many others, I purchased this with IWG bracket, 2x thick gaskets, ebcs, 38mm EWG, ect. And after 10k+ miles, I still love it! Boost for me starts building at 2,200RPM and by 2,800 I'm at full 20 PSI! This piece with supporting mods really made my turbo come alive and vastly reduced lag. Great build quality too! I can't drive my car without opening the EWG! It's too tempting. It's ultra fun to scare people and see their reactions when opening it! A group of cheer leaders on the side of the road for a car wash fundraiser all screamed as I opened it up right by them, and a kid on his scooter tripped up the curb trying to get out of the road. (I felt bad a little on that one) none the less I love it and never regret it! Its a good conversation piece when you give people rides and they say, Holt $#!T, WTF do you have in this thing!?
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Wow, now that's LOUD!!! 6 years ago
This uppipe is high quality. On my Stg2 '04 WRX I teamed it with a vf39, tial 38mm ewg, bcs, iwg bracket, 2x thick gasket, and tune. It’s a night and day difference in performance. Once the boost hits the car just screams!! lol well worth the money if you want your car to be EXTREMELY loud under boost/full throttle(it drowns out my catless tbe). If you drive the car normal and just creep into boost you won’t hear it.
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Grimmspeed = quality 6 years ago
Mr Wrex
I was amazed at how beautifully this pipe was constructed. The flanges are thick and the welds are amazing. Make sure you pick up the 2x thick gaskets for the UP to header connection so you don't have to stretch the flex joint to make it fit properly!
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love it 7 years ago
I did this with my turbo swap, quality part and fitment is great. No complaints. I love Grimmspeeds products.
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Well worth it 7 years ago
Got this as well as the IWG bracket, EBCS, TiAL 38MM WG and new GrimmSpeed 2x thick gaskets. It completely changed my car, and I love driving it even more now. Spool improved drastically and boost hits alot harder. The sound is amazing as well. Great mod and well worth the price
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bad experience with a seemingly good product.. 5 years ago
man, what a headache this has been. it appears to be a really good quality product. to be fair, the good: the installation of the uppipe and my ewg went smoothly. everything looks very quality, and it comes with everything you need. where things went wrong: the dump tube does not clear the transmission if you try to route it the way it is designed to go. I had to have it pointed upwards and angled directly at the firewall! obviously, this is a little too loud and obnoxious. thinking I was just crap out of luck after speaking with grimmspeed, with no suggestions as to why it wouldn't clear / simply stating they haven't seen this before ..I took it to an exhaust shop to have a custom, longer dump tube fabricated. I figured, two birds, one stone, I will pay a little more and get a dump tube further down the car to make it a little more tolerable.. bah, now the car has some vibrations at the lower rpm's. so, I'll likely have to pay even more to have that figured out. finally, just now, I watched the 'whats in the box?' video, and my dump tube does NOT look like the one in the video. that one is angled differently and has a slant cut. mine has a straight cut and is shaped differently. sigh - what a pain in the neck, multiple trips to a custom exhaust shop a long distance from my place, all from the wrong dump tube. I should have contacted rallysportdirect - they've been great. I bet they would have helped me figure this out a lot sooner..
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GrimmSpeed Ceramic Coated 38/40mm V-Band External Wastegate Uppipe (Part Number: )
GrimmSpeed Ceramic Coated 38/40mm V-Band External Wastegate Uppipe (Part Number: )