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HKS Turbo Timer Type-0 Red Back Light Black - Universal

MODEL # HKS2 41001-AK009
Manufacturer Part # 41001-AK009


MSRP: $110.00

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Turbo Timers have been designed to allow the engine to run for a short period of time after a hard-driving session such as a lap session, or even a drag pass.

This will allow the turbocharger to cool down, and allow all the hot oils to settle back into the oil pan rather than having them settle in the oil lines. This promotes longer life of the turbochargers to allow the oil to circulate properly rather than getting burned in the turbine.

Additionally, the HKS Type-0 Turbo Timer has many features that makes this unit a great investment for all types of vehicles.

This includes:

  • An LCD display with a red backlight
  • Manual mode which will allow users to have the car running up to 10 minutes after driving
  • Two memory mode functions which allow 1 touch, 1-3 minute settings for a set it and forget it type of function
  • Battery voltage display
  • Peak value indication
  • On/off warning function
  • Compatible with all HKS Turbo Timer Harnesses




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Brand: HKS
Display Backlight Color: Black
Display Color: Amber

Mfgr. Warranty: 120 Days
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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Verified Purchase

Turbo Timer
onedumbum24 6 years ago
Install was fairly simple even though it didnt come with any instructions in english. Most likely would have been a pain to install with out the harness. Well worth the $16 extra for saving you a headache and most likely an ugly splice job. (Its tight in that column) Overall a good product though I havent had any problems with the product as of a month now. Just wish it had instructions in english so minus one star for that.
Verified Purchase

Great Turbo Timer Harness
BoostinSnail 6 years ago
Using this on my 2008 Subaru STI along with the Blitz Turbo Timer Harness. Works great and allows you to use the lock and unlock function of the remote while the timer is going. Love the red display with the red STI lights on the interior.
Verified Purchase

Hks rocks
edap7974667 6 years ago
Doing some major overhaul work on engine turbo, picked this up to assure better cooling after running it hard. Easy enough to install recommend getting harness too. I placed it inside a single din unit cubby box. The harness was a very tight fit in steering column but worked. for the price cant go wrong.
Verified Purchase

Great peace of mind!
gregroot198521 7 years ago
This was a very easy install with the harness. Only issue I had was figuring out a good place to put the control box. I ended up settling on an area up in the wall in front of the cockpit. This part was the most difficult portion on my 2011 WRX. It has given me a better peace of mind about driving my car hard and idling for a minute after.

9 years ago
Very easy installation with the HKS TT harness probably took me about 20 minutes to install. This timer does have a few less features than the type 1 but it still does it's purpose. It is small so you can stick it just about anywhere you want and it's also HKS so you can depend on reliability this is a great product I would say get it to anybody in the market looking to buy!

  • Q: 2016 sti harness   Scoobysti16 7 months ago


    Does HKS make a harness for the 15+ STI?

    • A: Unfortunately, at this time they do not offer a harness for the 2015+ WRX/STI models.

      Brady R 7 months ago
  • Q: Timing  lucas_spencer1694971 6 years ago


    Based of the products Timer Functions, are there only preset times (1 min, 3 min)? Or does one of those functions allow the engine to shut off automatically after the turbo temp is safe.

    • A: This turbo timer does not have any temperature sensors, therefore it does not have a way of knowing when the temperature has dropped.

      Zach G. 6 years ago
  • Q: 2011 wrx   nedved980547 6 years ago


    will this work with my 2011 wrx? would I just need the harness for it to be plug and play?

    • A: Hello, This item is universal so you will have no problem getting it to work with your 2011 WRX. The easiest way to install the unit is with the help of a turbo timer harness so we highly recommend using one of those. Thank you.

      Tanner S. 6 years ago
  • Q: Would this fit?  Ronnieboi70 6 years ago


    Would this fit with the blitz turbo timer harness you guys sell and would it fit in a 2012 wrx?

    • A: Unfortunate we are not able to confirm cross compatibility between different manufactures harnesses and timers.

      Kirill C. 6 years ago
  • Q: HKS harness  drumchum 7 years ago


    Where do I find the HKS wire harness for a 2008 wrx?

    • A: Part No. HKS2 41003-AF006 will allow a seamless install of the HKS Type-0 Turbo Timer with the 2008 WRX.

      paul559b5ed28149810a128b5c51 7 years ago
    • A: Unfortunately according to HKS they do not make a turbo timer harness for the 2008 WRX at this time.

      Tanner S. 7 years ago
Universal Product
This item is non application specific.
Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.