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PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose Black



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PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose Black ( Part Number: PSP-INT-421BK)
Very Happy 6 months ago
2014 WRX. OE inlet was torn, chose this to replace it. Quality part; Everything fit without modification. Construction of the inlet tube itself is great and the included fittings are some of the nicest ones you can get (the "ej" or Eldon James). I tried installing both with the intake on and off. The latter is easiest to do but you can do it with the intake on if you leave the elbow fittings off the tube until you get it on to the turbo. Quick spray of wd-40 or other lubricant and all the fittings push in and hold very well. Zip-ties aren't required for the fittings into the inlet tube but there's enough room to do it (if you choose to). The worm-drive clamps included are the shielded type, so tehre's no worry about cutting into the tube. Performance is a 3-star as I didn't notice any "performance gains" from it. The largest gain you'll see is a vast improvement of reliability. Value is 4-star as if you don't "need" to do this (ie your OE inlet isn't torn) then its a bit much. However, if you need a replacement I'd look at this. Overall very happy 5/5.
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Could not be happier  2 years ago
Scoobi Snack
While turbo flat 4's are never the easiest to work on, this inlet hose went in much faster than expected. I installed while doing a turbo swap which helped because the hardest part was getting the hose on my turbo, had to loosen my intake manifold so ordering a set of intake to TGV gaskets may be wise. no trim needed matched up perfect with my Cobb intake. It is a massive help that all the ports can be set in any direction, freed up space by rerouting the lines for my oil catch can system so satisfied with this purchase I have already noticed less turbo lag.
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Smoothed out the ride 4 years ago
I'm rolling a 2012 WRX hatch. Had the Cobb SF intake, Perrin TMIC, Cobb Crank Pulley, Cobb down pipe and SPT cat back with a Stage 2 flash.. I added the Perrin turbo inlet, Grimspeed Crosspipe, and Grimspeed up-pipe simultaneously. The car was fast before, but the last upgrade smoothed out everypart of the driving experience. The car is my faster off the line, spools up much quicker. I believe I made solid power gains, but don't have any dyno data to prove it. The bottom line is I've now got great airflow from the intake all the way through the motor, the thing is just balanced. As far as the install goes, it's a PITA the first time around. You've got to surgically pull as much stuff out of the way in order to slide the turbo inlet in. Connecting the vaccum hoses is tricky.. I made the mistake of accidentally pulling some additional vaccum hoses out and not realizing it. I kept throwing a CEL, until I went back in and basically reinstalled the part. Now it's cherry! Tips.. 1) You've got the cut two of the hose attachments on the stock inlet pipe to get it out. 2) Allign the elbow pieces in similar directions to the stock inlet pipe. 3)Prestrech the inside of the vaccum hoses before attaching them. 4) Use a touch of oil in the elbow pieces to help slide the vaccum lines on. 5) Use zip ties or hose clamps to make sure all the lines stay in place. Bottom line.. Probably no the first mod, but if you've got an aftermarket intake on there, you may as well match it with a high volume turbo inlet pipe. Hope this helps!
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09 XT 4 years ago
Great build quality, excellent product.
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my 20g wouldnt work without it 5 years ago
Love the inlet. Ive had all exhaust upgraded and was using an aem cai with the stock inlet and I kept failing to maintain pressure up to redline. I kept thinking it must be the new turbo. I noticed a tear in the stock inlet so I went ahead and purchased this perrin inlet and now I make pressure earlier and hold it great to redline. Bet this would have been great while I had an 18g on as well. Definitely a lot noiser intake sound with it as well.
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Be Careful! 5 years ago
This is a great Mod, BUT you must have the correct setup on 08+ wrx models. You should not run a Catless downpipe with this inlet, or a internal wastegate. The port for the wastegate is too small for the large increase of air to flow correctly.Causing boost creep. So the only option is to port your OEM wastegate (risky), or go external. I had already installed my catless downpipe/ and uppipe. so i really messed up. I learned this the hard way...
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Not as easy as it looks!!! 9 months ago
I have a 05 LGT and this is the worse. It literally took me 3 hours to put in. After installed and a simple test run everything is fine PVC inlet has to be shorten. Alot of modifing.
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Perrin turbo inlet  3 years ago
I replaced mine preemptively and although there was oil pooled up in the ribbed section my stock inlet still had no tears. Wasn't really that bad, I got the old inlet out without hacking off any of the fittings, then you start to feed it through and connect and clamp each connection as you go. I used some oil to lube everything up. It's definitely a lot prettier than the stock inlet.
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Great product, poor instructions 4 years ago
This would be a five star product if it wasn't for the instructions. I'd actually be happier if they hadn't supplied any from the start and let me do it on my own. They show in the pictures of the instructions for you to pull back a wire harness, along with a quick description. But from one picture top the next, the inter-cooler was gone, yet they never said to remove it. They also just assume everything happens to fall in place. It's very lacking. You can totally do the job without removing the intake manifold, which I did, but HOLY #[email protected]%! You need to put the hose connectors and hoses on in a proper chronological order, otherwise the whole thing wont fit into place. It's a serious pain to do this without removing the manifold, but totally possible. And as a tip for those who choose to go that route, when you cut the crank case breaker hose, put the right angle hose barb in the crank case hose before putting in the whole inlet tube, then you can just push it down into its home. On another note, I am very please with the quality and overall final product. Increase in noise, slight reduction in spool time, I have no issues with boost creep with a Cosworth CAI and Invidia race catback. Overall I would make this upgrade a later one than sooner as I did, but it was going to be done anyways, so I did it along with a CAI. Took me about 4 hours to install due to annoying directions, some frustration, a broken bolt in my turbo outlet to inter-cooler (a little drilling and through bolting fixed it). But I feel if I did one again, with no issues and proper instructions, while still keeping the intake manifold on, I could do it in about 2 hours.
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Don't pull the manifold they said... 5 years ago
This is a great piece but if you are getting it to not have to pull the manifold to install the inlet, let someone else install it for you unless you are doing many other things in the same area. It only took us 5 hours to get this on. Granted it was our first one and we could probably cut that time in half now but still a colossal pain to install. Other than that, it performs as advertised. Still on the stock turbo so I didn't notice a huge change and am still tuning so I will wait to see what the final results are. No boost creep yet but it's not been below 90 degrees ambient since it was installed.
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