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PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose Blue



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air flow 3 years ago
Danny O
this upgrade is not to be overseen coz this small tube is haveing a bigger diameter then stock tube if you are upgradeing your intake dont for get the last part to the turbo
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Great fit! 3 years ago
Install was super quick compared to a competitors intake tube i tried first! Fit is great, fittings line up, and it looks great! I highly recommend the Perrin Intake!
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Great Product 4 years ago
Increase in TQ+HP was kind of strange. Didn't expect it to be that noticeable. Install is a crap fest. But spend a day with your Subi and it's ok. For those with the Crawford AOS V2 make sure to cap off the port closest to the turbo. You may be sitting there going... Where does this inlet go? Answer: Nowhere. Also, you may want to replace the throttle body gasket when doing this job as it does recommend removing throttle body to get to blow off valve hose and clamp. Purchase some good 45 deg needle nose pliers to make life easier. When I removed the throttle body I inspected the gasket and saw it was cracked near the bolt hole. Even a little crack is no good. The gasket is like $11 bucks. So why not have that handy. Can't hurt to replace an older gasket. I strongly recommend marking hoses as you will be removing a lot of them. I took a picture of the engine bay prior. Helps when you get to the end of the job and you're drunk. Good luck. Worth the money with a good tune.
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Great product, tight squeeze 4 years ago
This inlet hose makes a big difference over stock, especially if you are using it with a Cold air intake. It helps my vf39 turbo spool faster in my wrx. Another great buy from rallysportdirect!
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2013 STi Limited Sedan 4 years ago
IT FITS!! and easy to install. hehe
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2006 WRX 11 months ago
Replaced my oem inlet with the turbo inlet from perrin. Construction of the inlet looks pretty good. The blue does look good under the hood. Throttle response seems better. Shop reported that it was a difficult install and that fitment is tight. So far no leaks. Item was well packaged an shipped quickly.
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Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose Pros and Cons 2 years ago
I bought inlet hose back in June, for my 2012 STI and at first glace of comparing it to the stock inlet hose...this by far is much better quality. As X-Ray stated in his review about having to butcher the living hell out of the stock in let hose. I usually keep my stock parts in a box of misfit parts. BUT with how i in the end of the removal, it was toast and cant be used ever again. So now that you got your stock inlet hose on its way to the grave....starts the next leg of your adventure. the DREADFUL INSTALL. After you struggle for a few house trying to put a circle into a not so cemetrical hole. after all said and done on that. i broke so many knuckles and jsut in the end i replaced most of the hoses for this install. After wanting to pull out my after finshing this 12 hour project that took way to fucking lol. I finaly got that satisfaction of having it insalled and it runs i just have a boost lose of 10lbs so im trying to work that out
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get a Post-MAF hose with this! 3 years ago
Great product but... Title. Once installed this was a little longer than the stock hose. Fortunately I had a post maf hose to install aswell. Because, I had to trim about half an inch off of the post maf hose to make this fit with the stock airbox. I used a hose clamp as a cutting guide and measued by laying the post maf hose over top of the perrin inlet. there were other minor fitment issues with the forward most pcv hose that has to be trimmed, I ended up sanding a little bit off of the nipple and the inside of those to get them to fit. Also unbolting the coolant resevoire and spark plug coil gave the harness thats over top of the inlet hose a lot more slack. Think about replacing some PCV hoses while youre in there. All in all great product very happy with it, install went well but took about 7 hours on a 2002 wrx.
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Great product 4 years ago
This is a great product overall with noticeable improvements but it is a pain in the ass to install. My only complaints are the fittings, I think they should have matched the hose diameters a little better or sent some replacement hose for the price but happy with it so far and well packaged also.
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LOVE IT 5 years ago
would do 5stars excepts its just a pita to install. idc what perrrin says haha this is difficult especially if its your 1st time doing something like this lol.
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Has potential to be great but fitment is poor 2 years ago
Installed on a 05 WRX Pros: It's beautiful. It sounds great, much more audible turbo spool and recirculating BOV noise. (With a quiet exhaust) Very small power increase. Like you lost 50lbs. Cons: You have to break pieces off the stock part to remove it. No going back if it doesn't fit. You have to redesign everything to make it fit, poorly. The inlet crushes the power steering line. (Pictured) It pushes on it so hard that the line and the pump can't be removed or reinstalled with the inlet installed. Doing future maintenance in this area will forever be unreasonably hard. Of course the inlet tube is crushed by the line, restricting it's inner diameter to that of the stock piece. This area may be prone to collapse as well. This may be an 05 only issue since that line is relocated in some other models. Clearly the tube was not designed around it. Major flaw. As you can see in the picture, the inlet fits so tight in that area that the intake filter is not even close to lining up correctly with the inlet. Getting them to go together and stay is absurdly hard and the intake is awkwardly pushed against the engine bay. Removing the intake is a pretty regular occurrence and now it's a huge pain every time. The EVAP solenoid area is too tight for everything to fit so it takes redesigning and replacing all the hoses. The stock PCV hose does not fit so it requires replacement. (Pictured) this is okay but the hose provided in the kit was not large enough ID. So a larger hose was required but the larger hose then doesn't fit to the inlet with the 1/2" 90° elbow provided. There's not a lot of room to work there since the throttle cables are an inch away and they can't be interfered with by the hose. My car is 11 years old so be prepared for EVERYTHING you touch to break. This was actually a pro since replacing those brittle hoses and plastic was a pleasure. I expected this install to be a pain because it was tight spaces but this install was hard because the shape of the inlet was not correct. The comparison picture shows how the shape of the bend is different. It doesn't appear to be designed with the 05 in mind.
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PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose Blue (Part Number: )
PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose Blue (Part Number: )
PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose Blue (Part Number: )
PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose Blue (Part Number: )
PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose Blue (Part Number: )
PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose Blue (Part Number: )