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Mishimoto Silicone Induction Hose Red



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Mishimoto Silicone Induction Hose Red ( Part Number: MMHOSE-SUB-IHRD)
Mishimoto Silicone Induction Hose Red ( Part Number: MMHOSE-SUB-IHRD)
Good Value Inlet Hose 5 months ago
Good value inlet hose, fits well. No issues with install beyond normal install headaches. Would recommend to other people.
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Great Product + My 2 cents... 3 years ago
Mishimoto knows what's up! All of the little hose inlets are positioned perfectly for final fitment. Getting this thing in is challenging and I recommend a buddy system along with a large 90° Hook Tool and a 90° Needle-Nose Long-Handle Plyers. It also can't hurt to have some small hose clamps for tightening all those smaller hoses down for good. All in all, great product and great company. I installed mine with a PERRIN Afta MAF hose, because red. Here is a great video that I used to help educate myself with the install (camera work isn't the best but the installer has clearly done this job many times) – **BEFORE INSTALLING, remove the valve duty solenoid mounted on the intake manifold before installing! I accidentally broke mine (it cost $120) and only one dealer (45 miles away) in my state had it in stock...
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great product 4 years ago
Bought this after I found my stock inlet was torn. Product is nice looks good was a pain to install tho. All said and done great product.
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Induction hose install 3 years ago
Quality seems okay, but just save yourself the headache and take the manifold off. Seriously. Don't be a clown like me and think the Mishimoto install video is realistic.
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Seems Off  4 years ago
Bought this product to replace my failing oem intake. no matter what if not pulling the intake manifold, it is a pain to install. After i got in where it needed to be, the bypass valve hose is located further from the turbo then the oem and actually rubs against the bottom of the intake and sitting on fuel lines.
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Poor fitment 4 years ago
I had extreme difficulty getting this to fit in my 2002 WRX. The construction is very good however the fitment is very poor. The hose hangs up on the intake manifold making it difficult to fit onto the turbo inlet. Also the tolerance of that end of the tube is very tight, also making it difficult to slide onto the turbo inlet. From there the BOV bypass is about 2 inches forward from stock, so mine wouldn't fit. Also all but one vacuum hose connection was the wrong size. And finally is there was no provision for attaching my cold air intake to the hose. Its simply just a piece of reinforced silicone hose. I spent 5 hours trying to get the hose installed and ended up returning it and buying a Perrin. The Perrin was installed in about 45 mins.
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Mishimoto Silicone Induction Hose Red (Part Number: )
Mishimoto Silicone Induction Hose Red (Part Number: )