AVO Silicone Turbo Inlet Pipe Black ( Part Number:AVO S2A00G41BBLKA)

AVO Silicone Turbo Inlet Pipe Black

Part #: AVO S2A00G41BBLKA

The turbo inlet is constantly under vacuum. It's common for people running more than stock boost levels to collapse their turbo inlet. With this AVO turbo inlet designed for the 02-07 WRX and STI this will solve your problem or prevent it from happening. This wire reinforced inlet is extremely strong to resist collapsing.

Another key features is the built in post MAF hose, making this a great product for anyone who is looking to replace both items with just one product!


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Excellent product
jonno4108392 4 years ago
The build quality is obvious immediately, and the installation wasn't too bad (let it sit in the sun for bit to soften up). The only problem i had is that the post-maf part is a bit long and is stretched onto my airbox to fit (could probably just trim it to fit better). Makes a nice increase in sound as well, and after getting it tuned for I'm very happy with my car.
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04 WRX TGV delete job
jmkershaw193353 5 years ago
Very nice product, a little snug of a fit under the intake, and didn't work completely the way I wanted to with my FMIC but I got it to work good
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awesome design and material. not so bad install
brentonyanik06wrx limited 5 years ago
got this piece yesterday for my 06 sti and was doing a ton of reading and was worried it was going to be a bit$* to install. got home today installed in an hour and 45 min, WITHOUT removing the intake mani. advice take all the nipples off the inlet before proceding to shove it under minus the bov metal piece, also take off the power steering hard line like the instructions say which is a big help. the part most of you are going to struggle with is getting the lip on the turbo and thats where an hour of my time went :/ i used two flatheads with a little bit of electrical tape, and worked my way around it. Be patient and it will come along. Overall i am completely satisfied with this piece makes turbo spool louder and quicker, which i noticed with my front mount. recommended to everyone looking to forget removing there intake mani and good quality piece. good luck!
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Should have bought this years ago..
guest55c7c30dcaae52f460958145 5 years ago
Great inlet! Yea, the install is a little irritating, but it's worth it. If you're considering an aftermarket inlet, this is it.
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Well made
SolidSTI 5 years ago
I am hesitant to give 5 stars due to fitment. I can't knock it to 3 stars either. This was installed along with 3mm phenolic spacers, so it is possible that fitment would have been perfect with normal IM gaskets. The piece is well made and doesn't appear flimsy. I like that AVO moved the location of the normal vacuum used for the PCV. This makes installation and routing easier. My PCV is deleted and I am runnning an AOS, so it was ever better for me.

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