AVO Silicone Turbo Inlet Black

Part #: AVO S1B07G41ABLKJ

The turbo inlet is constantly under vacuum. It's common for people running more than stock boost levels to collapse their turbo inlet. With this AVO turbo inlet designed for the 08+ WRX this will solve your problem or prevent it from happening. This wire reinforced inlet is extremely strong to resist collapsing.


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Looks great and great response.
1/4Str8CRazY 4 years ago
After having read all these people having issues with the install I was a little weary of getting the part. Now, after having done the install I can honestly say I don't know why people had such an issue. Full install start to finish was 2.5hrs. I have the Cobb SF intake and just removed filter with MAF hose, the intercooler, unmounted all the vacuum type sensors hooked up to the intake. You can get to the BPV hose from the backside once the intercooler is removed. I did use a prybar and hammer to break off the crankcase breather line from the OEM inlet, it's not needed and they provide the new crankcase breather hose. All in all an excellent product with only one minor fitment with the alternator cover, not the inlet. I used a dremel to contour a curve into the cover to make it look like stock.
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Worst Mod ive ever installed
Wrally11 4 years ago
I give this 2 stars bcause i threw it halfway across my garage at the wall and nothing broke on it. Also because i kno it will be worth it in the long run.. I hope. This took longer to install my injectors, fuel pump and turbo combined. Honestly wouldnt recommend to anyone..
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Best Legacy GT Turbo Inlet
kandys2k82187 5 years ago
This AVO Turbo Inlet is the best one out for the 05+ Legacy GT/ 08+WRX. AVO pacifically design this inlet to fit these cars unlike many other name brands(Perrin) that just sell the 02-07 wrx/sti for those cars, which are a royal pain in the butt to get to fit right. When installing this inlet, I had no problems, and fitment was pretty good. Was also able to install it with my current SPT air intake. Not a fun job to do but the product is great and my turbo spools up faster on my 07 Legacy Spec B.
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Go with a different brand
Sandy 5 years ago
Avo does not have the best customer support. I have an issue with this hose because it is too big. My alternator cover will not fit over it. I also asked if my Cobb SF intake would fit and I was told there would be no problem. Well it did not fit because I was given the adapter and the problem I have is I had to stretch the Cobb intake hose to make it fit. This hose is very strong, but not alot of do it yourself or self-help out there for Avo. Also, good luck if you need to get ahold of Avo. I did and they said to email the pictures of the problem and I did, but have yet to hear from them and it's been months. I would go with Perrin for a turbo inlet hose because the fit is precise and you can keep your engine bay looking better. Also, it rubs on the intake manifold so I had to cut some bicycle tire tube and put it around it. Don't waste your money on this.

  • Q: Stupid question i'm sure  neimadnosrap 4 years ago


    will this work with the AEM intake? will i need any other upgrades for this to work, is this a stock replacement?

    • A: This is a direct replacement inlet and will work with any intake that works with the stock inlet, including AEM. No other parts are necessary to install this inlet.

      Zach G. 4 years ago
  • Q: Install  a.blaketurner 5 years ago


    Does the intake manifold have to come off to install this properly? Also, any good tutorial videos around?

    • A: It is possible to install this inlet without removing the intake manifold, but it will be difficult. AVO does not have an install video at this time, but if they release one, then we will get it posted up.

      Zach G. 5 years ago
  • Q: Access port   Scoobysteve11 5 years ago


    Would a access port be needed once this is installed. I know most intakes don't work unless you use an access port would this be the same.!?

    • A: Additional tuning might be needed do to reduction of air flow restriction pre turbo that might change the vehicles operating parameters in the ECU. We have not tested results for just a turbo inlet, so we cant say for sure if a tune will be needed for sure

      Kirill C. 5 years ago
  • Q: modifications required?   randy 6 years ago


    is this hose a stock replacement?also will their be any modifications required for install and will the cobb sf match right up to this with problem? thanks

    • A: This hose is an upgraded replacement. It is larger and more durable than stock. This inlet will work with the cobb sf intake.

      Zach G. 6 years ago